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Our Success Stories

Welcome to our Customer Success Stories page! Explore how Hublet has transformed public spaces by providing seamless digital access and enhancing user experiences.

From libraries and hospitals to hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and museums, discover real-life examples of institutions that have successfully implemented Hublet to promote digital inclusivity and meet the diverse needs of their patrons.

These stories highlight the versatility and impact of our innovative tablet-based solution.

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Soldiers’ Home Association increases its library usage with Hublet Solution

Enhanced digital access with Hublet library tablets at Crewe Library

Libraries promote social and digital inclusion in a connected society

Hublet helps Pontefract Library promote digital inclusion

Develop a remote service for disability care centres using a tablet solution

Unlocking knowledge: How Lahti City Library gamified learning with Hublet Tablets

Hublet – The perfect digital resource for Northamptonshire Libraries in the UK

The City of Helsinki ensures patient welfare with tablet devices at the rapidly opened COVID-19 reserve hospital

Hublet Solution has improved patient entertainment at Laakso Hospital

Hublet Solution in Myllypuro Senior Centre

Hublet at Marion Libraries in Australia

Hublet Tablets increase the number of young visitors in Gnesta Library

Hublet’s customer experience in digital library from Redbridge Libraries in London, UK

Hublet boosts interactive experience at Heureka Science Center

Self-service solution for Helsinki City Libraries

Staff relief, patient delight: Essote automates entertainment with Hublet

Digital läsning i Borås

Hublet brings secure tablet solution for learning in Norlandia Preschool Aurinkolahti

Improving kid-friendly dining at Chico's restaurant with Hublet

Redbridge Central Library transforms digital access with Hublet Tablets

LocalTapiola Pääkaupunkiseutu digitalises its office concept with tablets and video walls

Hublet Tablets for hotel guests

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