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“Having previously worked at Pontefract Library, I now run a reading group for retired people. Hublet without a doubt promotes digital inclusion within the group and makes it so easy for members to research and review books during the session. This adds a different dimension to the reading group.”

Lynne, Reading Group Organiser


Pontefract Library in the United Kingdom invested in Hublet self-service tablets to provide digital resources for all ages, including groups, clubs, and events. Lynne, a former employee of Pontefract Library and now a reading group organiser, speaks highly of the benefits of Hublet in promoting digital inclusion. She and her group of retired people use the Hublet tablets to research book reviews during their sessions.

The self-service solution has made the process quicker, easier, more interactive, and more environmentally friendly. It has also been helping some members to improve their digital skills.



Children’s groups are also run within the library, such as a Coding Club for 6 to 16 year olds – a broad age range to keep interested and engaged. Using Hublet in the sessions allows members to move around while learning, which brings variety to the session and helps keep them more engaged.

“The portability is a real benefit. I run a Kids Code Club, so it’s nice to be able to move around the library and keep the kids engaged by not always being tied to a computer screen and desk.”

Jonathan, Library Officer Digital


Hublet-Case-Study-x1-768x1024Hublet is not just for groups and clubs; it’s also a self-service device for all library customers. The Hublet Dock with 6 Hublet tablets is located next to the café area of the library. Library users can borrow and use the tablets while enjoying a beverage, giving them complete privacy.

The library customers use Hublet for many different things, from reading magazines and newspapers to playing chess. And all personal data is automatically wiped after every session, giving library users peace of mind.

The Hublet Solution provides digital access and private, secure browsing for customers while reducing administration time, increasing customer engagement, freeing up space, and removing the need for hard-copy content for the library.


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