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Guest Tablets for

Hotels and Restaurants

Hublet simplifies the creation of engaging content profiles for your guests during their stay in your hotels and restaurants. 


Kids love these! Even parents have been enthusiastic about our restaurant offering such a solution to our customers.

Jani Vallineva, Restaurant Manager @ Chico's Restaurant Vuosaari

Enriching Guest Experiences

Choose from 20+ languages to customise to your guests needs.

Hublet Manager

Manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app.


Hublet Profiles

Curate and personalise content profiles effortlessly to match guests' needs, mixing helpful and entertaining apps, games, files, and more.


Hublet Tablet

The grip handle on the Hublet Tablet makes it easy for guests of all ages and abilities to carry and use the device. The loan and return process is simple with Hublet Dock station.

Or get your own device, and we provide you Hublet App.

How Does It Work?

Experience a dynamic digital platform dedicated to serving your guests tirelessly.

Easy Setup and Management

Setup is easy, requiring minimal manual effort and no IT skills.

Get Hublet App into your first device, expand your Hublet fleet over time, and streamline the process with the compact Hublet Dock self-service loan station

Simple Steps for Engaging Profiles

Create engaging digital profiles in just a few steps, tailored to your guests' needs, whether they're children, seniors, or anyone.

All profiles are secure and limited to the authorised network, preventing content alterations or mode switching.

Quick Profile Delivery and Maintenance

Instantly deliver tailored profiles to guests on shared devices, with secure authentication and easy updates when needed.

Loan authentication is automatic, devices are tracked during the loan, and returns are easy with the Hublet Dock.

Easy for Staff

Focus on your guests, and let Hublet do the rest.  

Simple Setup

Get up and running in one day.


Easy to Use

Create and update profiles for changing guests needs and collect feedback in more than 20 languages. 



Using digital content profiles on shared devices for service information reduces paper usage, promoting sustainability.

Engaging for Guests

Make your guests feel at home with Hublet. 

Easy to Use

Enjoy user-friendly navigation on Hublet and access content profiles provided by your hosts, provide feedback.


Enhance Engagement

Providing guests with core services independently in a multilingual platform, engaging them and promoting return visits. 



Staff always personalise profiles, which are accessible within the authorized network. User data is automatically wiped after each tablet return. 

The device management does not require specific IT skills. Most commonly our customers use Hublet for surfing the net and somewhat for example to use entertainment and related services.

Juha Turpeinen, ICT Expert @ PKO - Norther Karelia Cooperative Society

Discover Hublet's efficiency.