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Simple Self-service Station for Lending Hublet Tablets

Controlled by Hublet Manager, it makes borrowing and returning devices simple and ensures they're always ready for use.

Hublet-Dock- self-service station for lending tablets

Simplify Self-Service Loan and Return Management.

Unlock a Tablet from a Dock

Scan your membership card, QR code, or wristband. The system links the ID and PIN entered on the touchscreen to unlock a tablet with the correct profile.

Grab the large handle and pull the tablet out. It will automatically connect to the secure Wi-Fi network and reset to a clean state for immediate use.

Explore Rich Digital Content

Access personalised digital profiles on a shared tablet tailored to your age and preferences.

Enjoy diverse content from selected providers, including games, programs, website links, books, magazines, podcasts, audio, and more within your profile.

Return a Tablet to the Dock

Return the tablet to an available space on the Hublet Dock.

The tablet connects to the charging system, locks in place, and securely wipes browsing history, passwords, personal data, and downloaded content.

Efficient Duo -

Hublet Tablet with Hublet Dock

The Hublet Dock provides a completely secure space for your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged and data wiped (on return) in a package that is incredibly small in footprint.

An intuitive Hublet User Interface ensures easy navigation.

Available in compact 3 and 6 tablet variants.

Complete control over content and devices with Hublet Manager.

You Can Rely On


Easy Setup

Hublet Tablets and Dock setups require minimal IT skills, costs, and less manual effort. Integrates seamlessly into library management systems.


Streamlined Self-Service

The tablet borrowing and returning process is simple and quick without staff intervention. 


Enhanced Security

Hublet Tablets and Dock work only within the authorised networks. Content alteration and switching from kiosk mode are not possible. User data is wiped after each use on shared devices.



Discover Hublet's efficiency.