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Revamping the Digital Learning Journey

Experience a dynamic, safe digital education platform dedicated to serve you and your students at school or home.


The best thing is that it allows us to create different
profiles for children and adults. For example, children's tablets do not have any web browser at all, which is a safe and secure solution.

Anna-Maria Pursiainen @ Head of Aurinkolahti Daycare Center

Boost Digital Learning and Encourage Independent Thinking

Hublet fosters learning across all ages and grades in digital environments.

Hublet Manager

Manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app.


Hublet Profiles

Curate and personalise content profiles with apps and trusted information to meet your students' needs.

Hublet App

A user-friendly Hublet User Interface with simple navigation is accessible to all users in over 20 languages.

How Does It Work?

Hublet offers a seamless digital learning experience with customisable profiles per academic grade or study group, ensuring focused education on shared devices in a distraction-free environment.

Create personalise profiles

Create a profile that aligns with the learners’ age groups, or specific subjects in the school curriculum.

Organise content in categories

Each grade has its own profile with specific school subject materials, which can be put into categories for easy access and self-learning.


Share within educational environment

Easily deliver study materials through profiles on shared devices. Learners are restricted from altering the content or accessing other online resources.

Streamlined for Educators

Hublet manages details, letting you focus on learners.

Easy to use

With a few simple steps, create educational profiles for diverse age groups and grades.

In the Hublet Manager, update profiles when needed and instantly make them available.



Safely access the study materials within the authorised network, with no alterations allowed.

Unwanted content is restricted. User data is automatically wiped after each use.


Flexibility of use

Continuous access to materials on dedicated devices for use in the classroom or at home. 

Engage in real-time collaboration with learners and update content as needed.


Accessible for Learners

Hublet improves access to curated educational content and fosters self-learning skills.

Simple to Use

A simple interface and easy navigation ensure quick access to learning content, with subjects organised by educators for learners.


Trusted Information

Hublet profiles can be personalised to suit individual learners’ capabilities, age groups, grades, and levels. 


Independent Learning

Flexible use of educational profiles encourages independent thinking, develops self-learning skills, and supports learning at one's own pace.

You can borrow Hublet Tablets any time even if we are not here, in the middle of the night, for example, as long as you have your student card.

Marte Pupe, StøyvaSenior Librarian @ University of Stavanger

Discover Hublet's Efficiency.