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Enhance Content Personalisation and

Device Sharing

Effortlessly curate content profiles, deliver them to shared devices, and improve accessibility for everyone, promoting digital inclusion. 

Share digital content through Hublet App on shared devices


End users yearly


Profiles curated


Apps downloaded

Your Content, Your Way - on Shared Tablets, from single SaaS Platform.

Powerful Hublet Manager
A simple web-app to control everything from content profile curation, personalisation, and profile sharing to self-service device loan management. Choose from more than 20 languages to customise to your needs.
Easy Hublet Profiles
Hublet Profiles, at the core of Hublet Manager, simplifies every step of curating profile-based content to create engaging experiences for your users.
User-Friendly Hublet App
Hublet App makes the innovative Hublet User Interface available on shared devices. Privacy and data security covered immediately.

Make Digital Content in Your Way - Experience the Simplicity

Start with the templates

You don't have to be an expert in digital content creation. Hublet Profiles offers simple steps and a selection of ready-made profile templates to inspire your creativity.

Content for Everyone

Curate profiles with digital content from online apps, games, and more that suit all ages and needs.

Effortless Sharing

One tablet, many users, each with their own content. Choose your network and create a code for easy access to your profile on shared tablets.


Empower with Hublet Manager

Are you struggling with updating digital content on many devices?

Do you find content sharing and managing public devices complicated?

Or perhaps keeping everything organised and receiving updates from multiple solutions feels overwhelming?

No worries anymore. The simple Hublet Manager will handle all that heavy lifting for you. 

Believe your eyes. All in one platform.