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Extend Your Care through Technology with Healthcare Tablets

Curate digital content based on unique patient or staff requirements, with apps, videos and trusted information, all managed in one platform.


One Solution for Personal Touch  

Hublet simplifies digital content personalisation, device sharing and management. Improving healthcare experience for patients, whether on-site or remote care, while saving your staff time.  


Hublet Manager

Remotely manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app. 


Hublet Profiles

Personalise content profiles, mixing helpful and trusted healthcare information to meet your patients' needs.


Hublet App

A user-friendly Hublet User Interface with simple navigation is accessible to all users in over 20 languages.


How Does It Work?

Easy Setup and Management

Setup is quick, requiring minimum manual effort and no IT skills.

Choose your devices and get Hublet App into them. 


Effortless Profile Creation

Create content profiles for patient needs and remote communication with healthcare staff.

Tablets are safe to use as they work only on authorised networks and safeguard against device settings and content alterations from end-users.

Seamless long-term Use

Effortlessly ensure continuous use of healthcare profiles on patients' devices for long-term use at home.

Engage in real-time collaboration with patients and update content as needed.



For Staff

Free up your staff time for those who need it most.

Easy Setup and Management

Get up and running in one day. Manage everything from one web-based application.


Less Staff Work

Reduce staff work with easily managed personalised patient profiles and enhance team collaboration on a multilingual platform.


Trusted Content

Deliver trusted healthcare information for different patient needs.

For Patients

Access personalised healthcare profiles.

Trusted Content

Quickly access meaningful profiles curated by your healthcare staff.


Easy Accessibility

Easy navigation on the intuitive Hublet User Interface makes profiles accessible for all patients. 


Privacy Guaranteed

Access profiles only within the authorised network. User data is wiped automatically after each use on shared devices.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Hublet has given us freedom, especially with the inclusion of SIM cards. We can take Hublet with us outside, whether for nature walks or photography trips. With Hublet, we can ensure that clients who can't physically accompany us experience the same sensations, for instance, through live streams.

Mika Lehtimäki
Mika Lehtimäki

Instructor, Soite

The patients appreciate Hublet. Especially since there’s no television or radio in the patient rooms. They appreciate being able to watch television and resume their home routine. I believe they do enjoy it.

Karel Suvitie

Nurse, Laakso Hospital

The purpose of the Hublet Tablets was to reduce the time spent by the staff, so that customers could automatically borrow a tablet for the time they choose. This way, Essote can save staff’s expensive working hours, as well as facilitate and provide additional services to customers.

Teppo Marttila

ICT Manager, Essote

Discover Hublet’s efficiency.