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Media Library and Brand Guidelines

Download Hublet Solution's photos, our logos and access brand guidelines for impactful visuals



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Brand Guidelines

Hublet Logo

Hublet Standard Logo
Standard Logo

Our standard Hublet logo, which should be used in most environments.

Hublet Logo with Slogan
Logo with Slogan

Our Hublet logo with slogan. The slogan summarises our added value.

Hublet Inverted Logo
Inverted Logo

A flat white version of the Hublet logo for use on coloured backgrounds.

Hublet Brand Colours

Berry Jam is the main brand colour. Always use this colour on every material. The other lighter colours act as background colours.

Berry Jam
Berry Jam
CMYK 8,69,0,54
Fair Pink
Fair Pink
CMYK 0,4,4,0
Tranquil blue
Tranquil Blue
CMYK 7,0,0,0
Sand yellow
Sand Yellow
CMYK 0,1,11,0
Peaceful green
Peaceful Green
CMYK 5,0,8,0
Orderly purple
Orderly Purple
CMYK 2,3,0,0

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