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The Next Level of

Shared Tablets

Hublet One offers all the robust features of Hublet Solution, without a Hublet Dock. Seamlessly integrate Hublet Tablets across diverse spaces tailored to your organisation's needs.


Hublet One in Three Simple Steps

Borrow from Staff

Enter a code on the tablet display, or scan the QR code using the device's camera to open the desired profile on the tablet's display.

Explore Rich Digital Content

Browse personalised digital content tailored to your interests in a user-friendly interface with simple navigation.

Return to Staff
Each tablet automatically wipes browsing history, passwords, personal data, and downloaded content after each use.

More Flexibility with Hublet On the Go

Whether you're at the library, learning independently, or recovering at home, Hublet On the Go offers flexibility. Take the Hublet Tablet anywhere, connect it to nearby Wi-Fi, or use the SIM to access engaging digital experiences anytime.

You Can Rely On

Hublet One to easily start using the Hublet Solution which enhances content personalisation and device sharing in your public spaces.

Space Efficiency

Choose as many devices as you need for your Hublet fleet without a dock. 


Quick Setup

Benefit from a fast setup with no IT skills needed. Manage everything with the Hublet Manager. 



Fresh Content

Automatic updates to the platform and devices ensure a seamless and accessible digital experience.

Discover Hublet's efficiency.