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Digital Content Sharing and Tablet Loan Management Platform

Hublet offers a simple, user-friendly SaaS platform for libraries that streamlines the creation of digital content profiles, delivery to shared devices, and tablet loan management—all in one convenient solution.


Hublet Solution – Beyond Software

We ensure privacy and data security across all devices.

Hublet Manager

Manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app.


Hublet Profiles

Curate and personalise content profiles with apps and trusted information to meet your end-users' needs.


Hublet Tablet

The grip handle on the Hublet Tablet makes it easy for users of all ages and abilities to carry and use the device. The loan and return process is simple through a Hublet Dock station.

Empowering Your Library Experience

Make your library an engaging place for your users. Offer a wealth of digital profiles that educate, entertain and engage them. Deliver to the self-service devices and manage loans effortlessly.

Easy Setup and Management

Setup is easy, requiring minimal manual effort and no IT skills. Get Hublet App into your first device, expand your Hublet fleet over time, and streamline the process with the compact Hublet Dock self-service loan station

Simple Steps for Increased Engagement

Create engaging digital profiles in just a few steps, tailored to your patrons' needs, whether they're children, job seekers, maker-space enthusiasts, and more. All profiles are secure and limited to the authorized network, preventing content alterations or mode switching.

Seamless Loan Management in the Library Environment

Hublet integrates with your library management system seamlessly for loan management, simplifying borrowing for users. Loan authentication is automatic, with device tracking for efficient monitoring during the loan period, and facilitated return via the Hublet Dock.

Hublet Profiles Tailored to Unique Needs

Effortlessly make your library a vibrant centre of community engagement, education, and entertainment. Offer profiles that truly resonate with your audience. Here are some profile examples to spark your creativity.


Educational, simple apps, games, and puzzles might be a hit for small children.



Teenagers might appreciate social media apps, website links, and inspiring educational files. 


Job seekers

Job seekers benefit from job opportunities and tips for preparing CVs and applying.



Adults probably look for content promoting health, nutrition, and physical health. 



Elderly adults focus on content that enhances their everyday lives, fosters social connectedness and supports ageing at home. 



Newcomers to the town appreciate essential information to start afresh. 

Up and Running in One Day

Let your Hublet Tablet fleet grow according to your needs.


Get Started Quickly 

Get your Android device. We will give you a Hublet Solution. Our Hublet Install Wizard will allow you to start instantly. 





Create Profiles Easily  

Get started with Hublet profiles' ready-made templates or follow simple steps for creation.




Enjoy Self-Service Convenience

Hublet Solution takes care of your tablet borrow and return process without staff intervention. 



Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

There's a growing demand for safe and accessible technology. Hublet provides many users a valuable entry point to the digital world.

Jaana Savela

Project Manager, Seinäjoki City Library

Tablets have always been a problem to introduce so freely in libraries due to how easy it is to steal them; however, Hublet technology has broken that barrier. 

Tom Blackwell

Systems Improvement and Project Manager, Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure

Installations went perfectly, we now have a station with six tablets in each of our fifteen libraries. It is our intention, finances permitting, to invest in more digital services using Hublet technology. Our staff and users are very happy with the ease of use and range of services available on the tablets.

Jaisant Patel

Systems Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire Libraries

Discover Hublet's Efficiency.