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Enhance Visitor Experiences with Interactive Museum Tablets

Hublet streamlines the curation of digital content for different types of visitors on shared devices.


We chose Hublet because it allows us to create different profiles, which is very important for us, since we have many different users. Another big influence for Heureka was that Hublet team has taken care of all the applications and software updates, which happen automatically.

Heidi Venho, Pedagogical Coordinator @ Heureka the Finnish Science Centre

Transforming Physical Exhibitions with Digital Content and Sharable Devices

Choose from 20+ languages to customise to your needs.


Hublet Manager

Manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app.


Hublet Profiles

Create engaging exhibition content profiles with interactive apps and additional information to captivate your visitors.


Hublet Tablet

The grip handle on the Hublet Tablet makes it easy for users of all ages and abilities to carry and use the device. The loan and return process is simple through a Hublet Dock station.

How Does It Work?

Hublet promotes digital interactions between visitors and exhibits by providing personalised profiles in different languages for specific needs on shared devices.

Easy Setup and Management

Setup is easy, requiring minimal manual effort and no IT skills.

Get Hublet App into your first device, expand your Hublet fleet over time, and streamline the process with the compact Hublet Dock self-service loan station.

Simple Steps for Engaging Profiles

Create engaging digital profiles in just a few steps, tailored to your visitors' needs, whether they're children, seniors, exhibition enthusiasts, and more.

All profiles are secure and limited to the authorised network, preventing content alterations.

Quick Profile Delivery and Maintenance

Instantly deliver tailored profiles to visitors on shared devices and easy updates for changing exhibitions.

Loan authentication is automatic, devices are tracked during the loan, and returns are easy with the Hublet Dock.

Easy for Staff

Simple with minimal effort.

Simple Setup

Get up and running in one day.


Easy to Use

Create and update profiles for changing exhibitions, market upcoming events and collect visitor feedback.


Quick Loan Process

Quick self-service steps without staff assistance.

Engaging for Visitors

Easy and intuitive.

Easy to Use

Get a Hublet Tablet for easy exhibition visits with user-friendly navigation.




Enrich exhibition experiences interactively with Hublet profiles.



A Hublet Tablet is always ready for the following user, and privacy is guaranteed.



Discover Hublet's efficiency.