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Crewe Library in the UK recently integrated Hublet self-service library tablets to advance its digital services and better serve the community with enhanced digital access.

This investment was driven by a desire to incorporate Hublet Tablets into the library’s educational programs, such as clubs like Lego Spike, which engages children in robotics and coding through interactive Lego building. The Lego Spike app, preloaded onto Hublet, provides step-by-step instructions for an enriching learning experience. The app also connects with a special set of Lego blocks via Bluetooth, bringing creations to life.


Library Assistants, Billy Ellis and Tilly Coppin, leading the Lego Spike club, credit Hublet Tablets for enabling the club’s success. The tablets’ portability accommodates the children’s movement during Lego building, and their durability is essential for a club with attendees ranging from 7 to 13 years old.


“We wouldn’t be able to run our most popular kids’ club without the Hublet Tablets.”

 Tilly, Library Assistant, Crewe Library



Hublet Tablets at Crewe Library cater not only to children’s groups but also to a diverse range of library customers. These devices are used for various activities like reading eBooks, playing games, accessing educational content, and more. They have become particularly valuable for parents whose children are engaged in activities like swimming lessons in the same building.

The library is also close to The Acorn Centre, which offers support to individuals with specific needs to benefit from Hublet’s usability and robust design.



Tom Appleby, Crewe Library Manager & Digital Learning Manager, expressed satisfaction with Hublet, “We were delighted with the Hublet’s light touch implementation – it was much quicker and easier for us to set up compared with traditional PCs.”

Given Hublet’s success, Cheshire East Libraries are planning to introduce the solution in Macclesfield and Wilmslow Libraries in the near future.


If you’re interested in learning more about Hublet and its potential for your library, find out more here.

This article was written by our sales partner in the UK, Lyngsoe Systems. To read the original article, please check here.