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The Hublet Solution was familiar to Helsinki City as it had been used in Oodi Library. Subsequently, it was presented to the staff of Laakso Hospital as a patient entertainment system. A pilot was then made in a trauma rehabilitation ward, where the users were youth patients. After a successful pilot, Hublet Solution was extended to Laakso Hospital. On average, each ward has three Hublet Tablets and a Hublet Dock.

Patients enjoy using Hublet Tablets

Patients at the Laakso Hospital have expressed their preference for Hublet Tablets over traditional communal entertainment. They find tablets easy to use and appreciate the freedom to choose their own entertainment, a feature unavailable on communal TV. This unique aspect of Hublet Tablets has resolved the differing entertainment preferences among patients.

“The patients appreciate Hublet. Especially since there’s no television or radio in the patient rooms. They appreciate being able to watch television and resume their home routine. I believe they do enjoy it,” shared Karel Suvitie, a nurse supervising the use of the Hublet Solution.

Hublet Tablets offer convenient mobility, communication with loved ones, and access to relevant information and systems – all with the help of a larger screen compared to a personal mobile phone’s small screen – delivering significant positive benefits to the hospital.

Positive experience from the staff

Staff were initially sceptical of Hublet’s performance in the hospital environment; however, since the beginning, Hublet’s ease of use and overall benefits have strengthened the staff’s positive experience. 

“Technical guidance, support and information have also come quickly from Hublet, and the cooperation has been effortless and uncomplicated,” explained Päivi Hemming, Department Manager.

They also appreciate how easy it is to clean and disinfect the tablets for the hospital environment. In terms of the security of data privacy and theft prevention, the staff felt it was safe to use Hublet. 

“The tablets have been configured not to work outside of the Wi-Fi here in the hospital, so there haven’t been any troubles with the security of the tablets,” said Suvitie.

Easily customised and specific content for different patient groups also provides a further usage case for the Hublet Solution in the hospital environment. Hublet has facilitated the well-being of patients during a pandemic in many ways, such as for entertainment and contact with relatives, especially considering visiting restrictions, which have kept appointments to a minimum.

“I think most patients use the tablets for entertainment purposes; for example, Yle Areena programs are really popular, and some patients watch YouTube as well,” shared Suvitie.

Future use of Hublet Solution in Laakso Hospital

For future use, Laakso Hospital will diversify the contents for an even larger group and learn to use all the possibilities the Hublet Solution offers even more extensively. The possibility of deploying library services within the hospital brings an entirely new dimension to their use, such as e-books.

“Laakso Hospital staff feel that Hublet has broadened their thinking about how a digital solution can support and facilitate rehabilitation.” They are also willing to recommend its use to their medical colleagues globally.

“Hublet is a functional solution at Laakso Hospital, and we have been happy about this among the staff and patients, given the great feedback it has received,” concluded Hemming.



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