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The Northamptonshire Libraries have always strived to offer a wide range of services. They have a continuous programme of improvement, especially focused on the development of online services. Using PCs can’t fulfil their main goals of moving forward with the technology, increasing use cases, and user experience. Knowing that, 2CQR Lyngsoe presented the Hublet Solution to solve this problem. The Northamptonshire Libraries now have fifteen council operated libraries covering both city and rural locations that offer library users access to Hublets. Hublet not only ticked all the boxes for users to access digital resources in the library but had significant and complementary differences to the PC offering: 

  • Increasing digital access, safely and securely 
  • Working as a perfect digital tool to support traditional library activities, such as programmes and access to resources 
  • Procuring tool that offers flexibility and adaptability in the face of the changing digital world 
  • Adding new technologies without the burden on stretched library staff and IT resources 
Jaisant Patel, Systems Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire Libraries


“Our implementation of the Hublet Solution, for both staff and library users, has enabled us to promote our digital resources to a much wider audience. A real added benefit of the Hublets is the ability for customers to choose where they sit providing comfort and more privacy than the traditional computer suites.” 

Jaisant Patel, Systems Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire Libraries 


The Northamptonshire Libraries management team saw not only the immediate benefits of the Hublet Solution but realised that it was a far easier way of accessing and updating resources in the foreseeable future. From providing staff with a convenient, powerful management and customer help tool to offering library users easy access to digital material, Hublet has proved a real winner. 

Installation was straightforward and acceptance by staff and users gave no problems. The Hublet Tablets are of high specification and very reliable. All the libraries have seen a significant increase in digital access since their introduction. Users like the portability of the tablets, being handheld, they create a more casual environment than having to use a desk and are ideal for those users who find desk access difficult. 

Security and cleanliness are also a high priority within a library environment and the Hublet system is perfect. All tablets are easy to clean, physically, and with premium security and privacy, features to ensure no loss of equipment or compromising of users’ data.    

“Installations went perfectly, we now have a station with six tablets in each of our fifteen libraries. It is our intention, finances permitting, to invest in more digital services using Hublet technology. Our staff and users are very happy with the ease of use and range of services available on the tablets. We have seen an increase in digital access by users and, so far, no need to call upon 2CQR Lyngsoe with any issues.”  – adds Patel. 


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