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The Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital was established rapidly in January 2022 due to the surging COVID-19 cases in Helsinki and the rising need for more hospital beds.

Having regularly assessed the COVID-19 situation in recent months, The City of Helsinki had been prepared for the possibility that a backup hospital may be required. As the case numbers increased, there was no longer any room for COVID-19 patients in Laakso Hospital – Helsinki’s original COVID-19 Hospital. This led to the opening of the Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital’s first ward with the capacity of taking care of 50 patients in January 2022. If necessary, a further 300-400 beds could be added.

Due to the speed required to open the hospital, there was no time to develop additional services such as entertainment or communication.

“Patients are isolated and visits to the ward are generally prohibited, except for critically ill and hospice patients. The ward also does not have any common areas for patients, and there are no televisions in the patient rooms, for example”, says Päivi Hemming, Administrative Head Nurse of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital.



Fortunately, staff at the new hospital had experience with the Hublet Solution and how it can help with patient welfare.

“We have been using Hublet Tablets in the wards at Laakso Hospital and we also wanted them for Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital for patients to use. In our experience, Hublet brings a lot of added value to the patients, they can take care of their affairs while in the hospital or even use the Hublet for entertainment”, Hemming adds.

It took a week between the order for the Hublet Solution being placed and the tablets being in patient use in the hospital. Putting the tablets in place required very little setup and allowed the staff and nurses to continue focusing on patient care. With the Fotonit disinfecting coating on Hublet product’s surfaces meaning it is self-disinfected and doesn’t require additional cleaning, staff have said that Hublet is the most suitable self-service solution for use by isolation patients in the ward.


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