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Soldiers’ Home Association in Finland takes a further step in its digital transformation journey with the adoption of Hublet Solution.

Dedicated to the well-being of those in service, the Home Association provides its members with meaningful hobbies. Among its various facilities, the library stands out as the main place, offering customers and visitors an extensive collection of reading materials and serving as an entertainment hub. However, Tiina – Deputy Leader of the Library – recognises the need to boost engagement, particularly among young individuals who may not be active readers.

Soldiers’ Home Association’s Library
In the quest for a solution, the team discovered the Hublet Solution during a visit to another library. Impressed by its user-friendly interface and visually appealing design, they decided to introduce it to the Home Association.

Users, including active volunteers and library staff, highlight the convenience, readability, and versatility of Hublet Tablets. Its large screen, easy navigation, and accessibility features make it a modern and user-friendly addition to the Home Association.


Jenna – an Active Volunteer Sister – shares her positive experience: “In my opinion, the devices are really good. There are a lot of different services: magazines, newspapers and many different streaming services, for example, Supla and Yle Areena. It is very easy to use; you can take it into use with a driver’s license or social security card. It is so great that you can scroll anything you want to do while you drink coffee in the main hall. It’s a great device to use.”



Timma – the Library Manager – has noticed a significant uptake in tablet usage since adopting the Hublet Solution. The tablets effectively meet the evolving needs of both domestic customers and international visitors. They encourage similar organisations to consider Hublet Solution as a digital enhancement to their offerings.



“In my opinion, it fulfils our domestic and also international customer’s needs. I would definitely recommend it, for example, to other Soldier’s Home Associations.” 

Tiina – Deputy Leader of the Library


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