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Lahti City Library in Finland has long advocated for the Hublet Solution, using Hublet Tablets to enhance its digital services.

One of their most popular activities in recent years has been the library treasure hunt game, a beloved activity among local junior high students, which has seen a remarkable transformation with the integration of Hublet Tablets.”

Collaborating with several nearby schools, the Lahti City Library has integrated the treasure hunt into its culture and learning program. However, the library previously faced challenges when students used their mobile phones for the game.

Software and hardware incompatibility, a reluctance to install new software, and connectivity problems hindered the treasure game hunt experience. However, transitioning to Hublet Tablets instantly resolved these obstacles.

Now, Hublet Tablets are the only devices used for the games. They run smoothly and effectively, come pre-loaded with the app, are connected to Wi-Fi, and feature a 10” screen that enhances engagement and readability. Adopting Hublet Tablets improves the student experience and eases the burden on library staff. Setup and support are streamlined, allowing more time for enriching activities and minimising staff intervention.”

Check out the video below to see the recent treasure hunt in action. Witness how Lahti City Library makes learning fun and interactive with Hublet Tablets.



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