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Hublet helped Seinäjoki City Library in Finland promote cultural well-being, inspire the elderly to read again and cultivate an interest in learning and developing digital skills. For further details, Kirsti Länsikallio, Seinäjoki City Library’s Director of Library Services and Jaana Savela, Project Manager, share their experience.

This project at Seinäjoki City Library in Finland utilises Hublet as a primary tool to promote cultural well-being, inspire elderly citizens to rediscover the joy of reading and foster a passion for learning and digital literacy.

Kirsti Länsikallio, Seinäjoki City Library’s Director of Library Services and Jaana Savela, Project Manager, highlight the necessity for loanable tablet services in Finland, particularly to accommodate the growing elderly population.

“I certainly think there’s a need for that. Many people want to try this kind of tablet device, which can be their first experience with the Internet. It’s good we have this safe alternative for them,” explained Jaana Savela.


Collaborative Project with Students from “Library Studies”

The project involved a partnership between elderly participants and students studying "Library Services" at the local university. The students assisted the participants in acquiring computer skills on Hublet Tablets. Both offered encouraging feedback from the process.

“It was new, as I have lived here 2 years already alone, and there hasn’t been anyone. So that in mind, it was nice that they [the students] came,” said Kauko, one of the elderly participants.

Additionally, the project has provided valuable learning experiences for the students, allowing them to interact with and learn from older adults.

“This suggests that initiatives like this have the potential to mitigate social isolation and loneliness among older people, addressing a significant societal concern.”



Fostering Digital Inclusion and Intergenerational Connections

The Seinäjoki City Library project promotes cultural well-being and encourages elderly engagement in reading while ensuring their inclusion in the digital era. Personalised mentoring sessions foster intergenerational connections and offer tangible social inclusion.

Hublet Tablets provide safe and curated content, facilitating elderly access to digital technologies and enhancing their quality of life.”

The project team discovered that e-books, audiobooks, and multimedia content are particularly popular among the elderly.

“It’s positive that everything [content] is visible immediately in Hublet so that you will try them out,” said Seija, an elderly participant.

The project confirms Hublet's value as a vital resource for libraries striving to provide equitable technology access.

"There's a growing demand for safe and accessible technology. Hublet provides many users a valuable entry point to the digital world," explained Savela.

With its intuitive interface, Hublet offers an ideal solution for enhancing digital presence and facilitating easy access to cultural resources.

“Utilising Hublet can help libraries bridge the digital divide, foster intergenerational connections, and promote digital and social inclusion.”




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