Hublet for healthcare 

Hublet is an easy to use, safe and cost-effective self-service tablet solution for delivering digital content to patients of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, enabling healthcare institutions across the world to ensure digital inclusion for all.

Introducing self-service tablets, exclusively for everyone

Hublet makes it simple for you to offer access to digital content to every single patient, visitor and member of staff. No longer are your beside entertainment systems limited to a select few, or content restricted to those that have their own devices. No longer do your staff have to use IT that is tethered to stations or only accessible from private offices. With Hublet you can accelerate your electronic content rollout and provide digital inclusion for everyone.

Hublet is a complete solution made up of our loanable tablet, dynamic user interface and Hublet Dock, all of which are controlled by the incredibly sophisticated Hublet Manager.

Importantly, all content on the Hublet Tablet is curated by you based on user profiles that you create. With Hublet you’ll save money while at the same time offering a solution that truly gives every user access to the content they require.

Who will use your Hublet?

Through the creation of profiles, Hublet can be used by almost anyone within your healthcare environment, giving simple, secure access to digital information and entertainment whenever and wherever it is needed. What makes the solutions so accessible is that the same device can be used by everyone, with content changing depending on their profile settings.

With the use of user profiles, your single Hublet Tablets can be used by everyone, significantly reducing the amount of IT you need to invest in, support and maintain.


Access patient records, check data in real-time, video call directly with colleagues or use as a research aid while on the go


Compliment physical care with apps and videos, access treatment plans and results & save time with access to shared resources


Get a full entertainment package in their hand that they can take wherever they like, to watch, read, play and stay in touch with family


Family members of all ages can use Hublet to entertain themselves during what can often by lengthy waits

The state of patient stay and bedside entertainment

Bedside Entertainment Systems are proven deliver a positive experience to patients and their families while they spend time in hospital or care. However, they are usually limited in their mobility, typically take large amounts of floor or wall space, and are hugely expensive.


of patients stay on-site for more than 4 days


are not given sufficient post-care information


of patients spend €15+ on bedside entertainment


of bedside entertainment users say it’s good value

Hublet is used by hospitals and care centres around the world

The flexible nature of the Hublet Solution makes it perfect for patients, visitors and staff. Here are just a few of the hospitals and healthcare institutions currently using it.

Charged, wiped and ready to go

The Hublet Dock is a self-service solution that allows your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged, loaned, and data wiped (on return) without any staff intervention. The Dock is incredibly small in footprint and available as a free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere in your organisation.

Gain more freedom with Hublet One

With Hublet One, you can harness the power of Hublet Tablets without the need for a Hublet Dock. This new product line offers a lower entry cost, enabling you to swiftly integrate Hublet Solution and kickstart productivity. Experience the same supreme security while enjoying flexibility in arranging tablets across various spaces.

How will you use your Hublet?

Access for all to digital content

All of the content on a Hublet Tablet is controlled by you, with access to video, eBooks, magazines, websites and audio all provided by content providers that you choose. In addition, you can choose to add any apps from the Google Play Store that you wish to be made available to your users.

This pre-authorisation of content is a critical part of the entire Hublet Solution, allowing your team to establish what content is available for a particular audience. For example, you can choose particular books, videos and apps that help patients with a specific condition understand more about it or help with their care.

Support your care through technology

Whether it’s helping a stroke victim regain vital motor skills or providing an Alzheimer’s patient with games and activities to help develop memory skills, technology can be a vital tool in the provision of this care.

With Hublet, you can curate content based on a particular category of healthcare, providing all the apps, videos, information and assistance that either the patient, or quite often their families, need to help with the care you provide.

Video calling for all

Using the built-in camera and speakers (or headphones), Hublet can be used as a complete video calling device, with support for all the most common apps, including Facebook, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Putting this technology in the hands of everyone allows patients to call loved ones that perhaps cannot make a physical trip, but additionally allow nurses, doctors and other professionals to quickly dial in and catch up with patients or offer remote “e-consultation” services without having to be there in person. It’s a great solution that allows your staff to better spread the time they have available.

Allow staff to work digitally away from the desk

Allow your staff to loan a Hublet as easily as your patients and visitors, but potentially with longer loan times. Having a pre-configured tablet ready to go (and able to be carried anywhere) can be hugely valuable as a tool to help them perform their duties away from the desk. With devices pre-configured on the network, staff can grab a device and use Hublet to:

  • View patient records and medical information
  • Load and review charts and data
  • Access support information within the hospital
  • Manage patient recovery programmes
  • Create and manage treatment plans
  • Access HR systems and book holidays
  • Complete online training
  • Join Teams or Zoom calls with remote colleagues

Watch how Hublet works for healthcare

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What are the common challenges?

26% of patients awaiting discharge are delayed by 4+ hours

A 2020 healthcare survey revealed that 89% of patients awaiting discharge were delayed by over an hour, and a smaller percentage (26%) experienced wait times of over 4 hours, which could then lead to them being forced to stay in hospital for additional night.

Although there are many reasons why such delays could occur, the current manual discharge process was identified as a bottleneck. By providing patients with secure self-checkout forms or even enabling staff to discharge patients remotely using a tablet, these figures could be significantly reduced, saving millions every year at the same time as improving the patient experience.



40% of patients are not given enough post-care information

The 2020 survey additionally identified that a staggering 40% of patients that were discharged from hospital felt that they were not given enough post care information.

The home care phase of recovery is a critical stage in ensuring that patients are back on their feet as quickly as possible and ultimately (hopefully) steer clear of another visit back to hospital. With digital access to videos, books and bespoke hospital literature, Hublet provides the perfect mechanism to deliver post-care education while patients are still in hospital, arming them with the information they need ahead of being discharged.

63% of patients stay in hospital more than 4 days

With such a large percentage of patients staying hospital for such a long period of time – a statistics which only increases with elderly care – there exists a real opportunity to not only provide good quality bedside entertainment, but also education and information. As Hublet is a mobile device, you are not limited to where it can be used, allowing patients to enjoy their stay while in bed, in communal areas, or even outdoors (subject to devices being in WiFi range).

Stay safe with Fotonit coating

Every Hublet Tablet and the screen of the Hublet Dock is sprayed with a special self-disinfecting Fotonit photocatalytic coating at the point of production. This special solution protects the devices and those that use them by using regular light to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould spores and more.

Works with all your digital health apps and content

Simple interface

Explore the web

Read books

Browse magazines

Play games

Where can you save ?

Reduce media spend

Most bedside entertainment systems come with limited media or require patient purchases. With Hublet you can add any Android app or content for free.

Claim back space

Large, wall-mounted, or free-standing bedside entertainment systems take up valuable space and can get in the way of issuing patient care.

Reduce IT burden

Hublet does not require complex setup or any IT support, significantly reducing the burden you place on what can be a scarce resource.

Decrease in-ward visits

Empowering patients with a modern video calling device can significantly reduce the number of visitors that need to physically attend your facilities.

What can you increase ?

Ward revenue

With over 25% of patients willing to spend greater than €30 on hospital entertainment services, Hublet can help deliver additional ward revenue.

Staff morale

Hublet provides staff with better work tools, but also the chance to disconnect and unwind from the pressures of the job for a brief moment or two.


Hublet is exclusively for everyone, meaning that apps, information, and digital services are accessible to everyone, regardless of if they own a device.

Patient satisfaction

Patients who are entertained and empowered with information will be less demanding and have an overall better experience.

Where can you improve ?

Healthcare & recovery

Curate content based on unique patient requirements, with apps, videos and information that help them recover.

Patient entertainment

Over 60% of patients spend more than 4 days in hospital, meaning there is plenty of time that needs to be filled.

Discharge times

Utilise digital discharge forms to collect patient data more accurately and significantly decrease the amount of staff & patient time required.

Patient health

Both the Hublet Dock and Hublet Tablets are coated with a self-disinfecting coating that uses regular light to destroy viruses and bacteria.

Control every device with Hublet Manager

Hublet Manager is our powerful cloud-based administration platform that gives you all the tools you need to configure your devices, curate the content that appears on your tablets, manage your account and understand how your tablets are being used.

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘consumer’ tablets that require staff to manually setup, configure and manage the device, with Hublet Manager you create unique profiles that automatically set devices up the moment they are loaned based on the type of person borrowing it. Profiles are a hugely powerful way for you to curate your digital collections and ensure that devices are used responsibly.

Available globally through our trusted partners

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