Hublet for library partners

Hublet presents your library customers with a simple and convenient way to offer self-service digital content to every single user of their library. With Hublet your library customers can accelerate their electronic content roll out and provide digital inclusion for everyone.

What is the Hublet Solution?

Hublet presents your library customers with a simple and convenient way to offer digital content to every single user of their library. No longer are their eBooks, magazines, movies, games and activities restricted to those that have their own devices or users sat tethered to a computer. With Hublet your library customers can accelerate their electronic content roll out and provide digital inclusion for everyone.

The Hublet Solution alleviates problems associated with desktop computers and off-the-shelf tablets by providing a complete platform made up of our loanable tablet, dynamic user interface and Hublet Dock, all of which are controlled by the incredibly sophisticated Hublet Manager.

With Hublet your customers will save thousands of hours every year, while at the same time offering a solution that truly gives every one of their users access to the content they deserve.

Charged, wiped and ready to go

The Hublet Dock is a self-service solution that allows your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged, loaned, and data wiped (on return) without any staff intervention. The Dock is incredibly small in footprint and available as a free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere in your library.

Enhance your current product portfolio


Self-service kiosks

Digital displays

eBooks & audiobooks

Movies & entertainment

Hublet is an amazing solution that perfectly complements all the products in your current portfolio, especially if you already offer your library customers access to digital content and digital devices or partner with companies in your territories that do. Our solution integrates directly with most of the leading Library Management Systems (LMS) / Integrated Library Systems (ILS) using recognised protocols, meaning that loaning a tablet is a simple as borrowing a book at a self-service kiosk.

With Hublet, your library can deliver …

staff hours saved per library every year

average savings per library, per year

square meters of space saved in each library


increase in digital content usage

Why partner with Hublet?

Package Hublet with your own digital services

Whether you offer digital content and services directly, or partner with a content provider in your territory, Hublet is the perfect solution, allowing you to deliver true value add and help encourage the adoption and increased circulation of digital books, audio, movies and more.

Re-engage with your library customers

Your account managers always want a new reason to pick up the phone or visit your library customers on-site. Hublet gives you that reason. Not only is our solution proven around the world to deliver exceptional Return On Investment (ROI), but it’s also a great door opener that will allow you to re-engage with customers that you may not have spoken to for some time.

Help libraries deliver their digital inclusion strategy

Libraries around the world are constantly under pressure to deliver the right services to their members and more than ever the topic of digital inclusion is on the agenda. Without shared access to digital devices, the investment that libraries want to make in digital content is often limited and not available to a large number of library users. Hublet helps libraries drive this strategy forward, providing digital access to everyone.

Get outstanding customer service

Our service, support and project teams are amongst the most well respected in the industry, with our direct customers and existing partners benefiting from resolution support and responses well under usual Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

As a Hublet partner, you’ll get direct access to the people in our business that you need to sell, deliver and support your customers to the highest possible levels.

Some of the partners we already work with

Where can your library customers save ?

Reduce your IT spend

Issue cost-effective tablets for users, rather than investing in expensive PCs that are often overkill for the task at hand.

Claim back space

PCs require large spaces within the library, often in prime locations in order that can be monitored by staff.

Spend less on furniture

Desks, chairs and even keylock security devices all come at a cost, which could be reallocated to other areas in the library.

Lower your print spend

Printed magazines and newspapers take up space, come at a cost and can only be used by one member at a time.

What can your library customers increase ?

Digital catalogue usage

Expose their digital catalogue to users who don’t own technology, or families that need more than a single device.

Library footfall

Hublet is a physical loan of digital content to be consumed in the library, encouraging more members through the door.

Library revenue

Encourage members to spend more time in their coffee shops, signing up for paid events or buying merchandise in the library.

Access to services

Use the built-in marketing features to promote their events, special guests, open days and the range of services you offer.

Where can your library customers improve ?

Customer experience

Allow members to consume their digital content in meeting rooms, on your sofas or in library coffee shops.

Digital inclusion metrics

Demonstrate that their library is exceeding inclusion metrics by providing easy access to every single member.

Catalogue diversity

Better understand how their catalogue is being used by encouraging the move from physical to digital content.

Staff education / moral

Create staff profiles and allow their team to borrow devices for self-learning or to catch-up on a book during their lunch.

Control every device with Hublet Manager

Hublet Manager is our powerful cloud-based administration platform that gives you and your library customers all the tools you need to configure your devices, curate the content that appears on the tablets, manage your account and understand how your tablets are being used.

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘consumer’ tablets that require staff to manually setup, configure and manage the device, with Hublet Manager you create unique profiles that automatically set devices up the moment they are loaned based on the type of person borrowing it. Profiles are a hugely powerful way for you to curate your digital collections and ensure that devices are used responsibly.

Ready to work with us?

Want to know more about how Hublet for Libraries can help you deliver a secure digital service to your library customers and their members? Drop us your details below, and we’ll get in touch.