Hublet for libraries 

Hublet is an easy to use, safe and cost-effective self-service tablet solution for delivering digital content to users of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, enabling libraries across the world to ensure digital inclusion for all.

Introducing self-service tablets, exclusively for everyone

Hublet makes it simple for you to offer digital content to every single user of your library. No longer are your eBooks, magazines, movies, games and activities restricted to those that have their own devices, or users sat tethered to a computer. With Hublet you can accelerate your electronic content rollout and provide digital inclusion for everyone.

You may have experimented with loaning regular tablets or computers in your library before, but likely become frustrated with the amount of time they take to set up, the lack of content control, the need to manually record who has loaned the device and, of course, the complexities around ensuring that all the content, settings, personal information and browsing history has been wiped when the device is returned!

Hublet takes away all of these issues, with a complete solution made up of our loanable tablet, dynamic user interface and Hublet Dock, all of which is controlled by the sophisticated Hublet Manager. With Hublet you’ll save hundreds of hours every year, while at the same time offering a solution that truly gives every user access to the content they deserve.

Used by over 800 libraries around the world

Charged, wiped and ready to go

The Hublet Dock is a self-service solution that allows your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged, loaned, and data wiped (on return) without any staff intervention. The Dock is incredibly small in footprint and available as a free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere in your library.

How will you use your Hublet?

Access for all to digital content

All of the content on a Hublet Tablet is controlled by you, with digital editions of books, magazines, podcasts and audio all provided by your chosen content provider. In addition, you can choose to add any apps from the Google Play Store that you wish to be made available to your users.

This pre-authorisation of content is a critical part of the entire Hublet Solution, allowing your team to establish what content is available for a particular audience. For example, you can choose particular books, magazines and apps suitable for children, slightly different content for teenagers and a completely alternative catalogue for adult readers – the scope is entirely up to you.

Allow your staff to roam free

Allow your library staff to loan a Hublet as easily as your patrons, but perhaps with longer loan times. Having a pre-configured tablet ready to go can be hugely valuable to employees, not only as a tool to help them perform their duties away from the desk but additionally for some rest and relaxation during break times. With devices pre-configured on the network, staff can grab a device and lose themselves for a moment or two.

  • Help new library members to join online
  • Access the ILS / LMS to query user accounts & check in/out items
  • Configure content in your digital catalogue
  • Manually check-in / out items
  • Dial in to self-service kiosks (where supported)
  • Access HR systems and book holidays
  • Complete online training
  • Join Teams or Zoom calls with remote colleagues

Run in-library games and activities

Lahti City Library in Finland has been an advocate of the Hublet Solution for many years, using tablets to enhance the range and quality of digital services they offer to their patrons. The library now collaborates with several local junior high schools to organise a digital treasure hunt as a part of a continued culture and learning program. The students need nothing more than a Hublet Tablet to scan the hidden objects, which are placed at various locations around the library, creating a fun and engaging environment to learn.

Power up your makerspaces

As libraries continue to expand their role within the community, makerspaces (or makerlabs) are becoming increasingly popular. These dynamic areas allow your users to explore new ideas and let their creativity roam free – usually by providing access to learning aids, powerful software and even a range of technical tools, such as 3D printers and CNC machines.

Hublet is the perfect companion to makerspaces, allowing users to develop their ideas and even interact with hardware using pre-downloaded apps. Our customer Heureka is a great example of how this can be embraced.

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Remarkable benefits from day one

With Hublet, your library can deliver …

staff hours saved per library every year

average savings per library, per year

square meters of space saved in each library


increase in digital content usage

What’s your ROI?

Find out how quickly the Hublet Solution can start delivering savings for you with our interactive online ROI calculator.

Up to 453 staff hours saved per library, per year

We surveyed a total of 65 librarians from our library customers to understand how their customers were using the Hublet Solution today, and how that had shifted from how they used to operate. The study was hugely insightful, with over 80% of respondents seeing a significant decrease in the use of printed newspapers and magazines, 75% of library customers now using Hublet for digital entertainment and 25% reading digital content.

However, the most dramatic impact came in the amount of time that library staff had saved when compared the setup, care and maintenance of their old computers and tablets to deploying the Hublet Solution, with libraries saving up to 70 hours per member of staff per year, which equated to an average of 453 hours per library!

€12,100 in annual savings per library, per year

With an average saving of up to 453 hours per library / year when using the Hublet Solution, this can quickly extend into thousands of euros in savings. These numbers seem large, but were recorded based on the time savings across library and IT staff when compared to previous tablet or loanable computer solutions that required constant setup, configuration, updates, repairs, support and data cleansing.

In our latest survey, libraries recorded an average saving across 5 members of staff, with up to €12,100 is equivalent time able to be redeployed across other libraries services.

18% increase in digital catalogue usage

Providing access to your digital content to every single library user should immediately boost your catalogue usage, with current Hublet customers seeing an average increase of 18% in digital content usage. This increase can be seen across all digital content, but is significantly noticeable across newspapers, where 80% of our customers reported a significant decrease in the use of physical newspapers.

Stay safe with Fotonit coating

Every Hublet Tablet and the screen of the Hublet Dock is sprayed with a special self-disinfecting Fotonit photocatalytic coating at the point of production. This special solution protects the devices and those that use them by using regular light to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould spores and more.

Works with all your digital content

Simple interface

Explore the web

Read books

Browse magazines

Play games

Where can your library save ?

Reduce your IT spend

Issue cost-effective tablets for your users, rather than investing in expensive PCs that are often overkill for the task at hand.

Claim back space

PCs require large spaces within the library, often in prime locations in order that can be monitored by staff.

Spend less on furniture

Desks, chairs and even keylock security devices all come at a cost, which could be reallocated to other areas in the library.

Lower your print spend

Printed magazines and newspapers take up space, come at a cost and can only be used by one member at a time.

What can your library increase ?

Digital catalogue usage

Expose your digital catalogue to users who don’t own technology, or families that need more than a single device.

Library footfall

Hublet is a physical loan of digital content to be consumed in the library, encouraging more members through the door.

Library revenue

Encourage members to spend more time in your coffee shop, signing up for paid events or buying merchandise in the library.

Access to services

Use the built-in marketing features to promote your events, special guests, open days and the range of services you offer.

Where can your library improve ?

Customer experience

Allow members to consume their digital content in meeting rooms, on your sofas or in your library coffee shop.

Digital inclusion metrics

Demonstrate that your library is exceeding inclusion metrics by providing easy access to every single member.

Catalogue diversity

Better understand how your catalogue is being used by encouraging the move from physical to digital content.

Staff education / moral

Create staff profiles and allow your team to borrow devices for self-learning or to catch-up on a book during their lunch.

Control every device with Hublet Manager

Hublet Manager is our powerful cloud-based administration platform that gives you all the tools you need to configure your devices, curate the content that appears on your tablets, manage your account and understand how your tablets are being used.

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘consumer’ tablets that require staff to manually setup, configure and manage the device, with Hublet Manager you create unique profiles that automatically set devices up the moment they are loaned based on the type of person borrowing it. Profiles are a hugely powerful way for you to curate your digital collections and ensure that devices are used responsibly.

Available globally through our trusted partners

Ready to find out more?

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