Hublet Tablet 

At the heart of the Hublet Solution is the Hublet Tablet, which features a simple yet extremely powerful user interface.

What is Hublet?

Hublet is a self-service, loanable tablet solution that requires practically zero IT skills to deploy and manage, making it simple for you to offer digital content to everyone. The solution is based on our extremely simple-to-use Hublet Tablet, Hublet Dock and our Hublet Manager software that gives you complete control.

No longer are eBooks, magazines, movies, menus, or self-help apps limited to those that have their own electronic devices. With the loanable Hublet Solution, you can make content available to your colleagues, visitors, members and patients … providing digital inclusion for everyone.

The Hublet User Interface

At the heart of the Hublet Solution is the Hublet Tablet, which features a simple yet extremely powerful user interface. Although powered by the Android operating system, we hide the complexities and settings normally found on a tablet UI and instead present your users with a clean, easy-to-use interface that is completely curated and controlled by you.

tooltip text
Loan period

Loan period

Provides a clear indication of how much loan time is remaining and allows users to manually log out if required.



The built-in high-res camera makes it possible to use your favourite video calling apps to stay in touch with friends, family or professionals.



Conveniently located on the side of the device are the power and volume buttons, making it simple to turn the tablet on/off and adjust the volume.

Grip handle

Grip handle

The large grip handle at the top of the Hublet Tablet makes it easy for users of all ages and abilities to pickup, carry and use the device.



At the top of the interface we reserve a large area that you can use to post content and present marketing messages to your users.

Highlighted apps

Highlighted apps

Mark apps as ‘recommended’ in Hublet Manager and they will appear on the main interface as easily accessible icons.



Curate your own category lists of digital content, games and content that your users can easily navigate through using a full-screen interface.

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Curate categories for easy access

All of the content on a Hublet Tablet is curated by you, based on profiles that you create in Hublet Manager. Categories are a really simple and efficient way to group together related apps, making it easy for the tablet user to find what they need. Example categories could be: recommeded by staff, entertainment or group all your eBook apps in one place.

Control every device with Hublet Manager

Hublet Manager is our powerful cloud-based administration platform that gives you all the tools you need to configure your devices, curate the content that appears on your tablets, manage your account and understand how your tablets are being used.

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘consumer’ tablets that require staff to manually setup, configure and manage the device, with Hublet Manager you create unique profiles that automatically set devices up the moment they are loaned based on the type of person borrowing it. Profiles are a hugely powerful way for you to curate your digital collections and ensure that devices are used responsibly.

Access digital content from home and beyond

Unleash the potential of remote learning through our “Take Home” feature. This feature lets your customers easily access your chosen content, no matter where they are. Extending training programs and interactive meetings to different places becomes seamless, as you can take the Hublet Tablets wherever needed.

Using “Take Home” Hublet Tablets, you’re making sure everyone can get hold of important digital resources, even if they don’t have their own devices. This levels the playing field for learning and helps users of all levels become more confident with digital skills.

How will you use your Hublet Tablets?

Charged, wiped and ready to go with Hublet Dock

The Hublet Dock is a self-service solution that allows your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged, loaned, and data wiped (on return) without any staff intervention. The dock is incredibly small in footprint and available as a free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere in your organisation.

Gain more freedom with Hublet One

With Hublet One, you can harness the power of Hublet Tablets without the need for a Hublet Dock. This new product line offers a lower entry cost, enabling you to swiftly integrate Hublet Solution and kickstart productivity. Experience the same supreme security while enjoying flexibility in arranging tablets across various spaces.

Stay safe with Fotonit coating

Every Hublet Tablet and the screen of the Hublet Dock is sprayed with a special self-disinfecting Fotonit photocatalytic coating at the point of production. This special solution protects the devices and those that use them by using regular light to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould spores and more.

Ready to find out more?

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