Hublet Solution increases the use of digital content and improves customer experience 

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Hublet Solution provides access to digital content in a smart, secure and cost-efficient way.

Shared services, such as Hublet, enable societies to improve resource utilization and user experience, whilst empowering digital transformation. Hublet is a customized learning tool, communication device and entertainment center in the same package; an innovative, self-service, shared tablet solution that ensures equal, practical and data secure access to the digital world.

Hublet is designed to deliver the shared use of tablet devices. Hublet enables customized content to be digitally delivered across different types of customer facing services, such as libraries, health care (hospitals and senior citizens centers), hospitality, education, museums and science centers.

Hublet is a Finnish innovation that enables digital services for everyone

All user data and history is automatically erased once Hublet Tablets are returned to the Hublet Smart Docking Station.
All devices and content can be controlled seamlessly via cloud-based Hublet Manager software.
The Hublet Solution is fully comprehensive and requires no additional services or IT management.
Different user profiles can be created for individuals, groups and locations.
The Hublet Smart Docking Station is locked for use in pre-defined networks only. User identification can be applied as needed.
Hublet Solution has minimalistic design and can be located in any environment or interior.

The Hublet Solution contains our user-friendly cloud-based management software - Hublet ManagerHublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station. 

Hublet Manager

A cloud-based management software for managing unlimited numbers of Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Stations, from any location simultaneously or individually.

Hublet Tablets

Our high quality Samsung Android Tablets have special protective security covers and market leading software designed and manufactured for self-service shared use. Hublet Tablets enable data secure access to pre-defined digital content, applications and e-materials.

Hublet Smart
DockINg Station

Enables self-service and keeps the Hublet Tablets locked, organized and secured in one place. Its touch screen is covered with Fotonit coating to ensure the safety of users.
Hublet saves time, money and space for your organizations
Our customers are amazed with how Hublet helps to free up their resources from time intensive device and customer management activities. It is seen as an invaluable tool to optimize their business strategies and improve the effectiveness of their customer services.