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We’re thrilled to present our newest product line – Hublet One, a breakthrough addition that’s set to elevate the way you provide digital inclusion to your customers. Besides traditional setups of Hublet Solution, we are now introducing a new product line that brings you more flexibility, freedom and convenience.


Empower flexibility with Hublet One

Hublet One brings you all the robust features of Hublet Solution, without the need for a Hublet Dock. You can now seamlessly integrate Hublet Tablets across various spaces, tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

What are the advantages Hublet One brings to you?

🌟 Lower entry cost: Greater opportunity to utilise Hublet Solution to provide digital content to your customers with a smaller entry budget.

🌟 Start quickly: Kickstart your journey with Hublet Solution faster and skyrocket productivity.

🌟 Tailored quantity and easy arrangements: Whether it’s one or fifteen, you have the freedom to choose the perfect number of Hublet One devices and distribute them effortlessly across different sections within your organisation.

🌟 Space Efficiency: No need to reserve a space to store your Hublet One, you can put them everywhere convenient to you.

🌟 Refill the Hublet Dock: Don’t worry about an empty Hublet Dock when all its tablets are being borrowed. Hublet One helps you to reload your empty Hublet Dock with ease, without the need to have an additional dock.

All of these benefits and you still experience the same security of Hublet Solution while enjoying this flexibility Hublet One.


What does the process of borrowing Hublet One look like?

Your customers can borrow the Hublet Tablet right from the tablet’s user interface. As simple as borrowing Hublet Tablets from the Hublet Dock, Hublet One also has 4 easy borrowing steps:

  1. Receive the Hublet Tablet from staff.
  2. Enter the borrowing code on the tablet’s screen or use the tablet’s camera to scan the barcode/ QR code.
  3. Enjoy your curated content.
  4. When the loan ends, simply give it back to the staff.

With Hublet One, your staff can easily keep it behind the counter and give it to your customers whenever they need it. Or even better, they can be placed in individual private places where the customers can start the loaning process easily by themselves, for example, through a patient’s wristband or a hotel room code.



Unlock possibilities with “Hublet On the Go” feature

But that’s not all! Together with Hublet One, we’re also unveiling our latest feature: “Hublet On the Go”. This addition is available for organisations equipped with Hublet Dock or Hublet One and is currently free of charge. Now, your customers can take the Hublet Tablet home, whether they’re borrowing it from the dock or receiving it directly from your staff.

Your customers access your curated content from anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly extend your training programs and interactive meetings beyond physical boundaries. For instance, patients can continue their rehabilitation programs, all within the comfort of their homes. Our Hublet Tablets come loaded with exercises, prescriptions, or appointment schedules that are pre-determined by you, ensuring a flawless connection with healthcare professionals.




Hublet has given us freedom. Especially, when it has these Sim-cards, so we can take Hublet with us outside. […] Hublet helps those clients that can’t come with us, get the same feeling for example via live streams.

Mika Lehtimäki, Instructor of Mäntyvintti – Disability Home Care of Soite.



By embracing “Hublet On the Go”, you’re bridging the digital divide. Everyone gains access to essential resources, even without personal devices. Teachers can borrow Hublet Tablets from your library and provide them to their students at school, while kids can explore new courses right from their homes.

The best part? You maintain top-tier security while enjoying this flexibility. You can enable which user profiles have this feature and lock it for unneeded ones.


In a nutshell, Hublet One and “Hublet On the Go” feature advance your organisation’s offerings. Allowing you an easier and more affordable way to provide digital inclusion to your customers.

Ready to try out this new way of using shared tablets? Discover Hublet One today by contacting us <here>!