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Hublet has been spreading the joy of sharing this year by donating tablets to refugee children in Malaysia. By providing tablets to learning centres that serve over 100 children between the ages of 6 and 15, Hublet has been able to provide access to digital learning tools and helped to ensure they continue to receive an equitable education even during the pandemic.

The impact of the pandemic on these vulnerable children has been profound and the disruption to their education is ongoing. What we’ve seen is the gap of literacy and learning opportunities based on background and life circumstances. When the pandemic hit in Malaysia, many schools and learning centres had to be closed and unvaccinated children could not attend classes over the past year – with the problems enforced by the lack of access to digital services to move their education online, as has happened in many better off countries.

To reduce some of the disruption caused by the pandemic, Hublet donated tablets to two learning centres, Rainbow of Love Learning Centre and Blessed Sunway Mentari Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur, to be used by children and teachers. The tablets were used for online learning when the centres were closed and as learning support tools for physical classes when they were re-opened.

Hublet decided to donate to these centres because in many countries, refugee children are not permitted access to public learning institutions. For example, in Malaysia where they are formally recognised as illegal migrants. Fortunately, refugee children living in Malaysia are granted identification cards by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which recognizes and protects their rights to equitable education. This education is then provided and funded by NGOs and private learning institutions such as those that received Hublet’s tablet donations.


Dennis, who is a Coordinator at Rainbow of Love Learning Centre and Blessed Sunway Mentari Learning Centre, commented on the donation:

“First of all, on behalf of both refugee learning centres, I would like to extend our warmest, sincerest thanks. Education has been derailed for children worldwide, more so in developing nations.

The tablets helped greatly in giving an online learning experience to our students. Children could learn much better, and larger tablets allowed for more than 1 child from large families to attend classes at the same time. Large tablets of course encouraged greater and proactive learning use and learn through play use out of school hours (also encouraging learning through videos and e-book reading).

The teachers are looking forward to using the tablets when classrooms are full too, to improve creative learning and digital literacy.”

One of Hublet’s highest priorities is to make sure that everyone has easy access to digital services, which in turn can drive education and literacy throughout the world. We’re fortunate that we could help on this occasion and look forward to continuing our partnership with charitable organisations in the future.