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Hublet does not only commit to our equality values within our business operation but also in giving back to society. We have given our outdated but usable tablets a second chance to support the ones who need them. This time, we’re bringing the tablets to Uganda!

Hublet has collaborated with Andrew Pitts, CEO of The IP Registry and board member of charity UKSD, to offer Kigezi Soccer Academy digital tablets. These tablets will play a crucial role in supporting the academy’s mission of providing a safe and nurturing environment for young talents to grow.


“For a long period of time, we wish to have technological equipment that can support our secretariat, especially in our coaching and media departments. These will help us so much at the office and no more excuses for coaches and media.” – shared Praise Kiwanuka, Academy Relations Officer of Kigezi Soccer Academy.

Kigezi Soccer Academy is an inclusive academy that provides help for children and young people, including boys and girls aged 5 to 17 years old, living in underprivileged communities in Uganda. To reach these youths, the academy uses football and works with community coaches as well as schools in Uganda, community and football groups and volunteers.


Hublet provides equal access for children and young people to digital devices in Uganda


”We went through a lot and we had so much challenges, especially after Covid-19, with equipment; but with this support, we have the biggest asset now to keep us moving.” – added Arineitwe Emma Julius, Board Member of Kigezi Soccer Academy.

Ensuring universal access to digital services is a top priority for Hublet. This accessibility plays a vital role in promoting global education and literacy. We’re grateful for the chance to help and excited to work with more charities in the future.


About Hublet 

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