Hublet’s case study from libraries – How to save resources with automated tablet loaning?

How to save resources with automated tablet loaning? In Autumn 2020, to get a better understanding about our customers, Hublet did a survey among existing library customers. A total of 65 library employees from Finnish libraries responded to Hublet’s survey.

The survey asked how libraries use digital devices. We get insights of how well Hublet Solution has been implemented. From that, Hublet knows how to conquer the challenges from regular IT devices in these libraries.

  • 80% of the respondents reported their library decreased the subscription of physical newspapers and magazines last year. More than half said the reason was the transition to using digital materials. Among those libraries which have switched to using more digital materials, 42% said the Hublet service had replaced physical newspapers.
  • 100% of respondents said their libraries have computers. But only 57% use regular tablets due to several issues.

The benefits of using Hublet Solution in the library:

  • Hublet Solution saved an average of 70 hours per year per librarian. This equals to an average of €1875 per year per librarian.
  • Hublet Solution saved an average of 82 hours per year from library IT-support. This number is equivalent to 2220per year from library IT-support.
    • IT-Support: install apps, update apps, update system, data extracting, organising content for different users, etc.

Hourly wages (calculated based on €/avg (incl. incidental expenses) in Finland) and working hours of 65 library staff are calculated for the results. Similarly, you can estimate the results according to the size of the corresponding team in your organization.

Library customers who use Hublet Tablet are adults, teenagers, seniors, children. In addition, over 30% respondents said they use Hublet Tablets for working.

  • 75% of library customers use Hublet Tablet for entertainment.
    • Listening to music.
    • Watching their favorite TV shows/ series.
    • Playing games and browsing the web.
    • Online shopping and banking.
    • Social media.
  • 25% use Hublet Tablet for reading, looking for information, printing, etc.
    • Thousands of free e-magazines, e-newspapers.
    • Wide selection of e-books.

Hublet Solution is easy to use and adapts well in the digitalisation process of our existing library customers.

  • 97% of respondents agreed or somewhat agreed that Hublet Tablet is safe to use.
  • 94% of respondents agreed or somewhat agreed that Hublet Tablet is easy to borrow.
  • About the usefulness and functionality of Hublet Tablet, 86% of the respondents responded it as good or very good at their library.
  • Hublet Solution saved 4m2 or more of library’s space compared to the space needed for using regular computers.
  • Hublet Solution saved time for library staff in minor issues (see chart below) compared to regular devices.
  • About the risk of theft and vandalism to Hublet Tablet, 77% said that it is very small or quite small.
  • Hublet Solution is placed in easily reachable locations in the library. Most common location is near the info point (38,5%).  Other typical locations are the lobby (23,1%),  the press room (13,8%),  the children area (16,9%), general open space like reading rooms (16,9%),  and other (5%).
  • 82% of 38 respondents agreed or somewhat agreed that Hublet Manager is easy to use.

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