Brand Guidelines

Instructions on how to use Hublet colours and logos

Hublet colours

Always use the deep Hublet purple on every material.

In addition to the Hublet purple, you may combine it with Hublet yellow for the Library sector and with Hublet turquoise for the healthcare sector. 

Hublet purple

CMYK 71, 100, 13, 3
RGB 108, 37, 118
HEX #6c2576

Hublet light purple

CMYK 16, 20, 7, 0
RGB 220, 208, 222
HEX #dcd0de

Hublet yellow

CMYK 17, 22, 87, 3
RGB 217, 187, 53
HEX #d9bb35

Hublet light yellow

CMYK 11, 12, 53, 0
RGB 233, 216, 142
HEX #e9d88e

Hublet turquoise

CMYK 49, 4, 20, 0
RGB 139, 201, 208
HEX #8bc9d0

Hublet light turquoise

CMYK 27, 6, 13, 0
RGB 197, 219, 223
HEX #c5dbdf

Hublet logo

2-colour on white

Our standard Hublet logo, which should be used in most environments

With slogan

Our Hublet logo with slogan. The slogan summarises our added value.

Hublet inverted

A flat white version of the Hublet logo for use on coloured backgrounds

Use of the Hublet logo

On a light-coloured photo use the basic coloured version of the logo

On a darker photo use the white logo

An exclusion zone should be placed around the Hublet logo, equal to the width of the Hublet symbol

Do not apply filter on the logo

No part of the Hublet logo should be re-arranged or re-ordered

Do not apply shearing, skewing or any other effects to the logo

No part of the Hublet colour should be re-coloured in any way

Do not remove Hublet symbol

Do not change the font type of the logo


Nunito Sans SemiBold