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Content Sharing and Device Management Platform

Simplify delivering personalised content for your end users.


Content Sharing and Device Management Platform

Simplify delivering personalised content for your end users.



countries across Europe and USA


loans every year



Hublet Solution – Beyond Software


Hublet Manager

Manage content and device accesses with intuitive web-based app.


Hublet Profiles

Curate and personalise content profiles with apps and trusted information to meet your end-users' needs.


Hublet App

Deploy the user-friendly Hublet App on devices and share Hublet Profiles with ease.

Curate, share, and manage – from one platform, anywhere.

Don't leave your success to chance. Take control with Hublet Manager today! 


Sofa Character

You've Got the Challenge. We've Got the Solution. 


Quick Setup and Easy Management    

Experience effortless setup, content personalisation, and streamlined device borrowing and return management—no IT skills needed.



Secured Data and Protected Privacy

All end-user data is wiped after each loan for a fresh start, with access limited to authorised networks and to prevent unauthorised modifications.


Simplified Content Management 

Hublet Manager empowers your staff to curate content profiles for shared devices, with automatic updates for content items like apps, links, and documents.


Enhanced Accessibility and Digital Inclusion

Intuitive Hublet User Interface makes information accessible to everyone, providing all necessary features on a trusted platform for people with different backgrounds and abilities.




Engaged User Experience

Provide meaningful digital experiences for your end-users with profiles that educate, entertain and boost their engagement with your services.




Sustainable Operations, Lower Costs

Digital experiences save resources and reduce environmental impact by cutting down on printed materials, while content delivered on shared devices saves time for staff and reduces administrative work.


Get a Tablet - We Give You a Hublet. Works for Any Team. Big or Small.

We offer you a solution that overcomes your challenges in delivering engaging and meaningful content quickly and efficiently.

Get your tablet with the Hublet Solution. 
Your content, your way. 

We've got it. You can get it. All from one platform.