Self-service tablets, exclusively for everyone

Hublet is one of the most exciting tech companies to come out of Finland, with a simple vision … to make consumer tablet technology accessible to everybody.

What is Hublet?

Hublet is a self-service, loanable tablet solution that requires practically zero IT skills to deploy and manage, making it simple for you to offer digital content to everyone. The solution is based on our extremely simple-to-use Hublet Tablet, Hublet Dock and our Hublet Manager software that gives you complete control.

No longer are eBooks, magazines, movies, menus, or self-help apps limited to those that have their own electronic devices. With the loanable Hublet Solution, you can make content available to your colleagues, visitors, members and patients … providing digital inclusion for everyone.

Self-service in 4 simple steps



Users identify themselves using an existing card, QR code or pin entered on the docking station screen


Remove tablet

The tablet is unlocked from the docking station allowing it to be taken in a completely clean state ready to use


Enjoy content

Content on a Hublet is controlled by you and is tailored to the user based on profiles that you create



Once finished, the tablet is docked where all data and settings are completely wiped ready for the next user

Used across a range of sectors

The Hublet Solution is finding application across a range of sectors worldwide, with companies from the entertainment, food and drink industries using the returnable tablets to add significant value to their staff and customers. However, our partner network typically focuses on the following sectors, all of which have a proven Return on Investment and some outstanding case studies.

Hublet for libraries

Hublet for healthcare

Hublet for education

Hublet for museums

Charged, wiped and ready to go

The Hublet Dock is a self-service solution that allows your Hublet Tablets to be displayed, charged, loaned, and data wiped (on return) without any staff intervention. The Dock is incredibly small in footprint and available as a wall-mounted option or, the most popular choice, a free-standing unit that can be positioned anywhere in your library.

Control every device with Hublet Manager

Hublet Manager is our powerful cloud-based administration platform that gives you all the tools you need to configure your devices, curate the content that appears on your tablets, manage your account and understand how your tablets are being used.

Unlike off-the-shelf ‘consumer’ tablets that require staff to manually setup, configure and manage the device, with Hublet Manager you create unique profiles that automatically set devices up the moment they are loaned based on the type of person borrowing it. Profiles are a hugely powerful way for you to curate your digital collections and ensure that devices are used responsibly.

Success stories from our customers

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Redbridge Libraries, United Kingdom

Redbridge Libraries’ customers scored as 4.15 out of 5 about ease of borrowing the Hublet.

“We had tried other tablets in the past and had issues with theft and device management. The security benefits of the Hublet compared to standard tablets have been a huge bonus to us.”

Tom Blackwell Systems Improvement and Project Manager

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Laakso Hospital, Finland

Patients at the Laakso Hospital have said Hublet is fantastically easy to use. Laakso Hospital staff feel that Hublet has broadened their thinking about how a digital solution can support and facilitate rehabilitation.

“Hublet is a functional solution at Laakso Hospital and we have been happy about this among the staff and patients, given the great feedback it has received”

Päivi Hemming Department Manager

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