The first Hublets serving customers in Kallio and Vuosaari libraries

15 Mar, 2017

From September on, the visitors of Helsinki City libraries can bump into an interesting looking docking station that loans out tablets.

The first Hublets have been installed in the libraries of Kallio and Vuosaari, and soon the stylish tablets will be available in other locations as well.

What do you use the tablet for?

Libraries have actively developed their service offering during the last few years and digital material plays an increasingly important role. That’s why the Hublets are preloaded with applications for reading e-books and magazines, such as ePress, and conveniently placed direct links to Helmet services. Furthermore, all the online services are at your reach. You can use your online bank or log into your email account without worrying about the privacy: all the user specific information is erased automatically once the tablet is returned to the charging dock.

The Helsinki libraries plan to use the Hublets for different events and theme days. The easily manageable content profiles allow the quick customization of the tablets for the occasion. The service is constantly being developed in collaboration with the library visitors, so all feedback is more than welcome!

Reaching for high utilization rate

The Hublet helps the libraries to raise the profile of their digital content and make it truly visible in the library. The goal is to make using the tablets as easy as possible. The tablets are loaned as self service: you can borrow one just by touching the touch screen on the side of the dock and inserting your library card number and personal PIN code. The dock releases the tablet with the fullest battery for a loan period of two hours. The tablets work everywhere in the library so the visitor can find a comfortable corner and enjoy the tablet in peace.

The new service aims to broaden the library offering and provide a more complete and versatile service for the library visitors.