The collaboration between Hublet and netopTV open new doors for the healthcare users’ experience in the German market

22 Feb, 2022

From 22 February 2022, Hublet is excited to announce that we will be working with netopTV in the German market to help improve the digitalization of the health care sector. With netopTV, the offering combines our self-service tablet loaning solution with their entertainment service which, together, will form a complete and user-friendly solution for health care organizations.

Hublet’s innovative self-service solution allows patients, residents and hospital visitors to borrow a tablet already complete with automatically age-adapted applications. At the same time, it frees employees from time-consuming manual device and data management. Hublet Solution ensures the privacy of healthcare users while they access digital applications such as online newspapers, e-magazines, movies, games, etc. With Hublet’s simple tailoring of the content of different profiles and netopTV’s leading position of Wifi-based entertainment for German hospitals, we work together to enhance the quality of patient experience.

“As netopTV is the leading specialist in networks and entertainment solutions for healthcare in Germany, we are glad that they are expanding their offering with Hublet” – says Anissa Margono – International Sales Manager from Hublet – “With their 15+ years of experience in the German market, we believe our collaboration will ease patients journeys during their hospital and care-home stay.”

“Hublet and netopTV head in the same direction with common goals. We both strive for the genuine integration of high, modern technology in all generations, from youth to elderly, while solving possible barriers by enhancing and studying user experiences. To maximize the convenience and satisfaction of the customers, I would say this partnership is going to be a great opportunity for innovation that opens new doors in the patient entertainment field”, Youngsun Woo from media design at Netopsie Technologies – the company behind netopTV states.

“A great and long-awaited innovation in the rather difficult bedside environment; a paradigm shift is taking place here. This is a rethink”, adds Manfred Biermann, Managing Director of Netopsie Technologies.

About Hublet Oy
Hublet’s technology drives the increased adoption of digital services for organizations requiring the use of secure and loanable tablet devices. Deployed globally in 25 countries across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care home’s, restaurants, museums and science centre’s, Hublet Solution is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in one package. Through its strong return on investment case, Hublet Solution empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service delivering equal and data secure access to the digital world for everyone. For more information, visit

About Netopsie Technologies GmbH
Netopsie Technologies GmbH was founded in 2005 and is an expert in designing and delivering alternative Networks, such as DSL or Ethernet over Coax wifi Networks. The company was an early adaptor in the field to provide services in customers wifi networks, based on its own software products. With its long history and expertise in the field, Netopsie is currently a long-term partner of about 200 clinics all over Germany, providing Guest Wifi access and complete Healthcare entertainment solutions. Especially their brand “netopTV” is one of the leading Wifi-based entertainment providers in German hospitals. Netopsie does not stop developing itself and is always eager to lead new trends in the field and has a passion for innovation. The simplest, most innovative, flexible solution for customer satisfaction – is Netopsie Technologies GmbH.

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