Hublet Solution in Laakso Hospital

Hublets lösning har förbättrat patienternas välmående på Laaksos sjukhus i Helsingfors

Hublet-lösningen var bekant sedan tidigare från Oodi (nya huvudbiblioteket) i Helsingfors och senare presenterad för personalen på Laakso sjukhus. Piloten gjordes först på trauma/rehab-avdelningen, där användarna var unga patienter. Efter en framgångsrik pilot expanderades Hublets lösning till hela sjukhuset och idag finns det i snitt tre Surfplattor och en Hublet Smart Docking Station – laddningsstation […]

Hublet’s Values

Our values define the guidelines for our relationship Humanity We can feel free to express ourselves just the way we are. We do things together, supporting one another whenever necessary. Together, we can create a working environment that is both productive and fun in Hublet with distributors and end-users too. Unique There is no solution […]

Naseej to Offer Hublet’s Self-service Solution to Ensure Easy and Safe Access to Digital Content in Libraries

Naseej, the Middle East’s leading knowledge solutions provider, partnered with Hublet, a leading provider of device-sharing solutions, to provide library patrons across the Middle East with easy and safe access to customized digital content, while maintaining social distancing. The Hublet Solution (which is currently in use in libraries across Europe, North America, and Australia) is […]
Social Distancing with Hublet

Self-service solution for the library market

The global pandemic has affected many industries and has definitely had an impact on our day to day lives with the social distancing trend. Numerous libraries and other educational institutions are closed to slow down the spread of the pandemic. Therefore perhaps this is the best time to work around the current circumstances and redesign […]

Self-service solution for libraries in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Central library Oodi has taken Hublet devices as part of their digital services from the beginning. Cooperation with Helsinki City library started already a few years earlier and now Hublets are in use in 12 libraries around the city. We interviewed Helsinki city’s ICT-specialist Tomi Pervala about the acquisition. Customized content for different users […]
Hublet with happy people

Digital content accessible to everyone

Hublet Tablets is a Finnish innovation that promotes learning and sharing information safely in different environments. Hublets are already available in 14 countries around the world. They can be found in libraries, hospitals, senior homes, restaurants and science centers. Regardless of the user group, customer satisfaction is really high ”Hublet brings digital content equally to people. Sharing economy […]

Finnish tablet service Hublet conquers the library world

Hublet includes an intelligent docking station, high-quality tablets (3 or 6) and a user-friendly cloud-based content management system. Hublet enables easy and efficient management of shared and secured use of tablets for various needs. In Finland, Hublet is already in use in dozens of libraries all over the country. The great experiences from the domestic […]