Hublet Solution in Laakso Hospital

Hublets lösning har förbättrat patienternas välmående på Laaksos sjukhus i Helsingfors

Hublet-lösningen var bekant sedan tidigare från Oodi (nya huvudbiblioteket) i Helsingfors och senare presenterad för personalen på Laakso sjukhus. Piloten gjordes först på trauma/rehab-avdelningen, där användarna var unga patienter. Efter en framgångsrik pilot expanderades Hublets lösning till hela sjukhuset och idag finns det i snitt tre Surfplattor och en Hublet Smart Docking Station – laddningsstation […]
Hublet Solution in Laakso Hospital

Hublet Solution has improved patients well-being at Laakso Hospital in Helsinki

The Hublet Solution was familiar to Helsinki City as it’s been in use in Oodi Library and was subsequently presented to the staff of Laakso Hospital. A pilot was then made in a trauma rehabilitation ward where the users were youth patients. After a successful pilot, Hublet Solution was extended to the entire Laakso Hospital. […]
Hublet-ratkaisu sairaalassa ja senioritaloissa

New partnership agreement between Hublet and Intelligent RFID Solutions

New partnership agreement between Hublet and Intelligent RFID Solutions aims to enhance the use of digital content across the Health and Aged Care sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand. From 15th of June 2021, Hublet is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Intelligent RFID Solutions to help further promote the Hublet Health product portfolio. […]
Hublet Tablet Fotonit photocatalytic coating

Stay safe with Hublet by using Fotonit coating

Hublet is now providing a more secure and hygienic solution with new coating. By using the Fotonit photocatalytic coating method, the Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station’s screen provides a safer end-user experience, ensuring that surfaces are bacteria and virus free. What is photocatalytic coating? The self-disinfecting photocatalytic coating, together with light, destroys viruses, […]
Ederly woman uses digital device at health care_headphones_Hublet

Benefits of Digital Devices in Health Care

Health care effects us all and for us in Hublet we wanted to understand how Hublet can provide the best digital solution for health care. We  wanted to have better understanding the need and usages in health tech segment and therefore conducted several surveys to gather more information. Norway and Sweden Hublet attended some Health Care […]
Hublet Solution for Health Tech. Doctor is using Hublet Tablet.

Hublet Solution for Health Tech – Sharing Digital World

The Hublet Solution enables health care users to access to digital content in a structured, secured and efficient way. Hublet allows users to borrow and return Hublet Tablets effortlessly and at their convenience. Hublet improves patient welfare and assists staff’s daily life. The digital content of the Hublet Tablets is completely manageable by the hospital. […]
Male nurse with senior in senior center

Hublet Solution in Myllypuro Senior Centre

Hublet Solution has worked well in healthcare segment, such senior centre. Last year, Hublet conducted a user experiment as a part of the Hippa project of Metropolia University of Applied Science in Myllypuro Senior Centre. We launched the pilot before Covid-19 pandemic and it lasted about 6 months. The objective was to provide us user […]
Hublet improves the patient welfare and makes everyday life easier for the staff

Improving employees’ efficiency with Hublet in hospital segment

The need for Hublet The South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (Essote) decided to go with Hublet Solution after exploring a few different options. Essote provides services in seven municipalities in Finland. It focuses on developing the well-being of citizens and is taking care of thousands of people in South Savo area. The goal […]