Self-service solution for the library market

The global pandemic has affected many industries and has definitely had an impact on our day to day lives with the social distancing trend. Numerous libraries and other educational institutions are closed to slow down the spread of the pandemic. Therefore perhaps this is the best time to work around the current circumstances and redesign the things we are all so used to?

Libraries are increasingly becoming places people spend time in and in order to keep it like that it is essential for them to support social distancing and health containment efforts. Increasingly the use of digital services in a safe way is what Hublet is now being used for. 

Hublet is designed as a self-service device and can be easily borrowed, returned and used without any assistance. Minimizing human interaction makes social distancing easier to maintain, while completing daily online tasks. By providing library users with safe and easy access to e-magazines, e-books, music, movies, social media and other web services Hublet allows libraries to serve their customers on a regular basis with a creative twist, which is much needed in today’s world.

80 % of diseases are spread by our hands, and as Hublet Tablets are shared devices for public use, it is crucial to keep them clean. A dirty and greasy screen, obviously, impacts the user experience in other ways, such as affecting the ability to use the tablets properly. To make it easier to control the cleanliness of devices, Hublet offers anti-bacterial protective screens for Hublet Tablets’ and Hublet Smart Docking Station’s touchscreens. The same protection is being used in ATM-machines, booking systems and kiosk-machines. 

This has a list of benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial protection kills 99.9 % of the known bacteria from the touch screens
  • Produced and tested in Europe according to ISO 22196 -standards
  • No negative effect on a touch screen’s functionality or sensitivity
  • The plastic protector prevents the screens against scratching and fingerprints
  • Are you interested in our self-service solution for your industry? Hublet is a perfect fit for many segments, including libraries, health tech segment (hospitals & senior citizen centers), restaurants, hotels, science centers and prisons. It is available in two self-service variations: Hublet-6 and Hublet-3, with a possibility to include anti-bacterial protective screens for touch screens into the order.  Contact us for more information: