Self-service solution for libraries in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Central library Oodi has taken Hublet devices as part of their digital services from the beginning. Cooperation with Helsinki City library started already a few years earlier and now Hublets are in use in 12 libraries around the city. We interviewed Helsinki city’s ICT-specialist Tomi Pervala about the acquisition.

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“Helsinki city library has been a part of the development process from the beginning. Ever since we installed the first Hublet Smart Docking Station, around 5 years ago, the development has been enormous,” – Tomi Pervala comments.

“For libraries it is important that Hublet takes care of issues like information security and data privacy. Hublet Smart Docking Station deletes all personal information without any interaction from personnel every time Hublet Tablet is returned back to the station. Moreover, the Hublet Manager software enables management of the content so that for instance children and adults have selection that suits their needs.” Hublet Manager has been found as an easy and convenient way of managing Hublet Solution by all of Hublet customers. It allows the generation of reports and statistics, content management, creation of user profiles – all of which can be done remotely at the same time.

“Another important advantage of Hublet Solution is the possibility for self-service. In other words, we have successfully integrated Hublet with the library system that enables customers to borrow the tablets with their library cards without any personnel guidance. This also frees up staff time to serve the customers on a personal level and to do their regular tasks.”

“At Oodi library, the customers have found Hublets very well. They have been borrowed over 1000 times since the opening day.” Tomi recommends Hublets also for smaller libraries and for other organizations that don’t have a strong ICT infrastructure. Customers can use the tablets for browsing the internet, watching videos, listening to music, reading library’s own e-materials, for educational purposes and their personal affairs.

Hublet Solution is available in two service variations – Hublet-3 and Hublet-6. This gives our customers a possibility to choose the most suitable option depending on their size and business.

 Hublet is designed to increase the use of digital content in libraries and education establishments. It improves resource utilization, competitiveness and user experience in a remarkable way.

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