Customer service

  • An easy-to-use and flexible tool to support customer service and sales
  • Present your products and services, use surveys to map your customers’ needs, collect feedback, entertain children while talking with customers or organize video meetings
  • User profiles allow the same tablets to be used for different target groups
  • Marketing and training your customers to use your digital service channels
  • Customized campaigns and partner material in addition to your own core content 

Personal and digital customer service

Modern customer service works in multiple channels. The customers choose the way they wish to interact with you. The Hublet tablet solution makes digital services visible in your premises and combines the personal and the digital service channels into one seamless customer experience.

Help customers become familiar with your digital services

  • Digital ways of doing things are increasing on every field. The modern customer service knows how to employ the digital, but on customer’s terms. Hublet tablets provide a convenient tool for businesses to support sales and improve the quality of customer service. The content is easily configured to support your core functions and brand image. It is a simple way to introduce your digital self-service channels to customers and provide professional assistance for the first-time users.
Digital complements the personal service
  • When the customer arrives, they are provided with a tablet that is preloaded with relevant content. While waiting their turn, the customer can fill in a survey to tell about their needs before the actual conversation. The waiting feels shorter with something to do, the background information takes the conversation to the point right away, and the whole service experience can be built with the tablet.
  • After the customer is done, the tablet is returned to the dock where it’s automatically wiped and reset for the next user. The same device can be used to conduct surveys, collect feedback, introduce products and services or even entertain the children during a negotiation. Customers can be assisted in the use of digital service channel as well.
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Always up-to-date
  • Managing Hublet is easy. Tablet and contents are managed with a simple online management tool, that helps you make the most of the tablets. Thanks to the centralized management system, Hublet is extremely scalable and fits even the largest needs without adding to the management work load. Tablets are always ready for use and the content is customizable for different target segments on different occasions: the right content is brought up to each tablet by simply touching the screen on the side of the dock