Hublet-3 includes three high-quality Samsung tablets, an intelligent docking station, and an easy-to-use managing software.

Intelligent docking station

  • Keeps your tablets locked, charged and organized in one place
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • User data is automatically wiped when the tablet is returned to the docking station
  • Offers the tablet that has most charged battery for the next user
  • Connection either to LAN or WiFi network
The docking station is available either with a stand alone or on the table and wall mounted bracket.

High-quality Samsung tablets

  • Customized and controlled desktop views with pre-defined applications, files and weblinks
  • The end-user is not able to install applications or change the settings
  • Tablets are updated only when they are docked – no interference of updates to end-user
  • Can use wired headphones
  • Usage restricted to pre-defined WiFi networks only

Hublet Manager

  • Cloud-based management software
  • Browser UI for system and content management
  • Possibility to modify user profiles and desktop views
  • Can create your own Hublet PIN codes
  • Back-office integration (SIP2, WebService, RestAPI)
  • Reporting and statistics