Museums and Science Centers

  • Easy way to provide visitors with digital exhibition material
  • Give them more core experience
  • Marketing channel for future exhibitions
  • Share information and collect feedback about the museum services
  • Easy-to-manage tablets for workshops and events 

Digital content in a physical exhibition

Museums and exhibition spaces can provide an enhanced interactive visitor experience thanks to digital exhibition materials. Hublet is an easy, secure and beautiful solution for making the digital content visible for the visitors. You may not get all the best Picasso works to your museum but you can show them digitally.
Easy for the visitor and the staff
  • Loaning of the Hublet tablets can be done several ways, even as a self-service. The museum staff is in charge of the content: the tablets may include exhibitions materials, extra pictures of the collections not physically on display, information on the museums and its services and a link to a feedback survey.
More core experience
  • The intuitive online management tool makes it easy to update and modify the content according to visitor feedback and changing exhibitions. Thanks to its user profiles, Hublet works great for organizing workshops, events or theme days for different user groups as well. The visitor is free to take the tablet around the museum and enjoy the content provided while seeing the exhibition. When leaving, they simply return the tablet to the Hublet dock where all user-specific information is deleted and the tablet is automatically reset for the next user. The tablet works only in networks predefined by the museum and the user can be identified if needed. This way the Hublet solution is safe for both the visitor and the museum.
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