• Digital newspapers and magazines, e-books and other electronic materials easily available
  • Easy-to-manage tablets for workshops and events
  • A simple way to provide access to the internet and digital services for every citizen
  • Enjoy the contents of your choice in your favorite corner of the library
  • Inform and collect feedback on the library and other public services 
Hublet increases the use of digital content and educational services and
as a communication tool frees up staff time.

Hublet Solution enables equal and easy access to digital content for everyone

The modern library is a center of information and culture open for everyone, and digital services have become an increasingly important part of its offering. Hublet is an easy, secure and beautiful solution for making the digital content visible for library users.

Easy and convenient

– for both visitor and staff

  • Hublet is the perfect solution for libraries who wish to offer loanable tablets for their visitors and complement their services with digital content and materials. Hublet is the only service combining easy management with top-of-the-line security and privacy features in a complete, cost-efficient solution.

New Hublet Manager from June 2021

Tablet Desktop – New Hublet Tablet Interface for Patrons & Staff

  • Manage many profiles' content for different user groups with Hublet Manager at the same time.
  • Check out the New Hublet Manager.
Hublet Self-Service Solution
  • Tablet is released from the charging station by showing a library card and typing in the corresponding PIN code. The library staff is in charge of the content: the tablets may include e-books and magazines, games for children, information on the library and a link to a feedback survey. The intuitive online management tool makes it easy to update and modify the content according to visitor feedback and requests. Thanks to its user profiles, Hublet works great for organizing workshops, events or theme days for different user groups.
Your favorite spot in the library
  • The visitor is free to take the tablet to their favorite spots of the library and peacefully enjoy the content provided. When leaving, they simply return the tablet to the Hublet dock where all user-specific information is deleted and the tablet is automatically reset for the next user. The tablet works only in networks predefined by the library and the library card authentication makes sure the user can be identified if needed. This way the Hublet solution is safe for both the visitor and the library.
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