• Loan a tablet as easily as a book, without any staff intervention.
  • A simple way to provide access to the internet and digital services to all your library users.
  • Reduce the use and handling of printed copies by providing e-materials.
  • Ensure an optimal and select user experience, with full data privacy via our automated features.
  • Control contents and access for individuals and groups based upon fully configurable user profiles.
  • Easy-to-manage, self-service tablets for workshops and events.
  • Inform and collect feedback on the library and other public services.

Access digital content easily with Hublet

The modern library is a community center of information and culture, providing equal access for everyone, and digital services have become an increasingly important part of the offering. Hublet is an easy and secure self-service solution making the digital content available for all your library users.


ABF 67e congrès
Stand A2 / A4
Metz, France
2 - 4 June 2022

Hublet Webinar
10:00 - 11:00 Portugal Time
25 May 2022
The host will be in Portugese
Presentation will be in English

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Easy and convenient

– for both Library visitor and staff

  • Hublet is the perfect solution for libraries who wish to offer loanable tablets to their library users, extending their services with digital content and access. Hublet is a service combining easy device management with premium security and privacy features in a complete, self-service and cost-efficient solution.
"Hublet allows us to move the tablet and content management from the IT-department to the library personnel."
Jussi Vehviläinen - CIO, Helsinki City Culture and Leisure Sector
“Overall, the outcome from staff has been very positive. Hublet requires minimal training and expertise and is incredibly user friendly.”
Tom Blackwell - Systems Improvement and Project Manager, Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure
Hublet Solution
Success Stories
Hublet Self-Service Solution
  • Hublet Tablets are released from the Hublet Smart Docking Station via your users library card, QR code or typing in the PIN code. The content available on Hublet Tablets is easily organized by library staff, as is the configuration of fully variable profiles and content for children, adults, staff and groups. The cloud-based management software - Hublet Manager -  makes it easy to update and modify the content and messaging according to feedback, requests, scheduled activities, promotions and events. 
Your favorite spot in the library
  • Library visitors can borrow a shared tablet, take it to their favorite spots of the library and peacefully enjoy the content and access provided. When finished, they simply return the Hublet Tablet to the Hublet Smart Docking Station where, automatically, all user-specific information is deleted and the Hublet Tablet is recharged for the next user. The Hublet Tablets can be locked for use in pre-defined networks, whilst the library card authentication makes sure user access can be carefully controlled. The Hublet Solution is safe for both library visitors and the library itself.
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