• Games and entertainment for small customers
  • E-newspapers and browser for older clientele
  • Perfect for temporary employees and staff trainings
  • Provide information on ingredients and producers used by the restaurant
  • Tell about your special offers and dishes
  • Collect feedback from customers
  • Serves as a potential platform for an electronic ordering system

The kids like it here

Kids liking it and behaving themselves is a key to a successful restaurant visit. Hublet is the perfect tool to provide entertainment for the smaller customers and making your restaurant the favorite for families.

Kids’ entertainment

and staff training
  • The concept of Hublet is simple. When first entering the restaurant, the kids may notice an interesting-looking station with tablets attached to it. As the family is seated, the waiter releases a tablet with a PIN code and brings it to the table. On the very first page there are games and other entertainment that guarantee a peaceful mealtime, even if there’s some waiting involved. When the visit is coming to an end, the tablet is returned to the waiter or directly to the docking station, where all the user-specific information is deleted and the tablet is automatically reset for the next user.
We remember the adults too
  • Apart from kids’ entertainment, it is easy to provide a browser and digital newspapers for the older clientele as well.
  • Hublet can also be used for staff trainings and inductions, implementing an electronic order system or conducting surveys for feedback. The same tablets work for both customers and staff and the content can be customized for each use case. The easy and flexible management software makes Hublet a convenient solution, whether you are looking for an entertainment center or a more versatile system for various use cases.
  • Access to internet in lobbies and/or hotel rooms
  • Larger screen than smartphones for more comfort
  • Entertainment and information
  • Easily scalable when the use increases
  • Perfect for staff training and use of temporary employees
  • Provide information and marketing material of your partner’s services and offers
  • Collect feedback with surveys
  • Potential platform for ERP use, cleaning reports and other systems 

Digital services in the lobby, restaurant and the room

Hotels aim to offer the best possible customer experience for their guests. Hublet complements the service offering and provides a simple solution for giving your guests access to internet and other digital services.
Easy access to the internet
  • There are customers who don’t carry their own devices with them and others who find the smart phone screen to be too small for many things. Providing easily loanable tablets is a simple solution to serve these customers in the best possible way. The Hublet Dock can be placed in the hotel lobby or it can replace the dated business centers. At check-in, the guests are provided with a PIN code that they can then use to borrow a tablet whenever they wish. The tablets are configured to include services chosen by the hotel: e-magazines, links to news sites, browser, Tripadvisor, information on the hotel services and a special partner section that contains special offers for guests, for example. When the guest is done with the tablet, they can return it to the hotel staff or directly to the Hublet Dock. All user—specific information, such as login information and browser history, is automatically deleted and the tablet is reset for the next user. The RFID hotels keys can be used for self-service loans by the guests.
Different users
  • The tablets can have different user profiles: one for children and one for adults. The tablet can be borrowed for kids’ entertainment during dinner in the hotel restaurant for example. The tablet can also be taken into the hotel room as long as the whole hotel WiFi is configured as an allowed network for Hublet.
Guests and staff
  • Hublet is also a great tool to be used in staff trainings and introductions for new and temporary employees, using the hotel ERP systems and conducting surveys. The same tablets serve both the customers and the staff and the content can be customized for each user group and use case. The easy and flexible management of the system, makes Hublet a convenient solution, whether you are looking for an entertainment center or a more versatile system with various features.
  • Small investment
  • The Hublet fleet can be expanded as the demand increases. That allows you to avoid large, vertically integrated investments in hotel entertainment solutions.
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