Hospitals and Senior Citizens Center 

  • The solution enables automated tablet borrowing and returns, messaging, structured and targeted content viewing, wiping of temporary user data and device charging – ensuring a data secure and optimal user experience.
  • Users may access digital content such as online newspapers, magazines, web access and streaming services, video communication, etc. - as well as relevant information communicated by the health tech entity.
  • Stimulating health care users through mental and physical training applications has been shown to improve the rehabilitation process.
  • Customized content, for staff and patients, can be efficiently organized via the secure management software - Hublet Manager.

Hublet improves the patient welfare and makes everyday life easier for the staff

Hublet is a convenient way of providing patients with useful information and entertainment in health care facilities, whilst improving the efficiency of operations with a common information system and ensuring timely patient feedback.


Samsung x Hublet
Showcase Webinar 

08 December 2021
The event is in Finnish

Safe and easy to use self-service tablets 

  • The tablet can be used for reading and casual browsing to pass the time, improving the patient experience while waiting for the procedures or consultation. When quality assurance, registration and follow up features can be introduced, the technology delivers a seamless process, saving valuable staff time. The patient can be given the opportunity to read up on forthcoming procedures, decreasing the related stress. Patients can also be provided with information on rehabilitation and recovery exercises in the hospital. Compliant with the best possible with health tech hygienic standards, the Fotonit self-disinfecting coating ensures the Hublet's touch surfaces are bacteria and virus free, providing a safer end-user experience for staff and patients.
“The best characteristic in this service is the fact,
that our patients are happy with it”

Janne Hulkkonen - Development Director, Heart Center Co, Tampere University Hospital
9 out of 10 is the average score that nursing staff gave when being asked if they would recommend Hublet Solution to their colleagues
Survey Results in Myllypuro Senior Center
100% of senior residents felt that the Hublet Solution are safe and secure to use.
Survey Results in Myllypuro Senior Center
Hublet Solution
Success Stories
  • Tablets are proven to work fantastically well in care facilities as tools for memory activation and rehabilitation. In assisted living facilities, our easy-to-use tablets are suitable to be used by the elderly themselves or in guided group activities organized by the staff. There is plenty of content to choose from: content for purely medical purposes as well as entertainment related apps for senior citizens. Hublet Tablets can also be used to help the patients keep in touch with their families via video calls, photo sharing or messaging services.
Always up-to-date
  • Centralized management system makes Hublet a practical solution: IT staff are not needed for device management and the staff can easily manage the content and loaning of the tablets. Physical and digital security and privacy are taken care of by the inbuilt features of Hublet platform. Theft risk is minimized as each tablet user is identified via patient wristband, QR code, or PIN code and the Hublet Tablets only work within the designated Wi-Fi network. User data is automatically wiped when the Hublet Tablets are returned to Hublet Smart Docking Station.
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