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  • The tablets are always charged, up-to-date and ready for use
  • Great tool for searching information and viewing materials
  • Only the selected content is available
  • Everyone has an equal device
  • Management is easy and the tablets are automatically reset after every use
  • The school can easily take care of the management while the children focus on learning
  • Works great for early education and pre-school also 

The teacher decides the content

Digitalization changes the way we teach and learn but one thing remains: the teachers are in schools for the pupils. With Hublet Tablets the teacher makes sure the pupils have the right content in front of them from the first minute of the lesson.

All pupils on the same page

  • Digital materials are increasingly used in education. The technology advances and new ways of learning are introduced. Technology for technology’s sake is not the point, though, but it must serve the purpose of learning. Hublet tablets are created for shared use and the management is made extremely easy, so that teachers can handle it without help from IT personnel. Every pupil has the desired material in front of them from the first minute of the class.
No IT-personnel needed
  • Hublet charging docks are placed around the school so that they are easily available. The teacher uses an intuitive online management tool to create user profiles, which include all the material needed for their class. The necessary apps and links are easily placed on the tablet’s desktop and everything else is hidden. The Hublet system makes sure that the tablets are automatically charged while docked in the station and reset after every use. The user profiles can be teacher- or group-specific, and the release PIN code defines which contents appear on the desktop. This way the same physical devices serve many use cases and tablets are always ready for use. The utilization rate of the shared devices is high, which gives more value to the investment. Saving data is done in a cloud service used by the school.
Works for juniors
  • Tablets are extremely well suited for searching information and viewing materials. Shared devices are a smart choice specially with smaller pupils. The use of the tablets is guided and the restricted environment teaches the children to consider the tablets as, not only entertainment centers, but work stations also.
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