New partnership agreement between Hublet and Intelligent RFID Solutions

New partnership agreement between Hublet and Intelligent RFID Solutions aims to enhance the use of digital content across the Health and Aged Care sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

From 15th of June 2021, Hublet is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Intelligent RFID Solutions to help further promote the Hublet Health product portfolio.

The current situation requires innovative solutions which can tackle the issues and align with the new way of living in our world. Hublet’s smart self-service solution allows patients, residents and hospital visitors to borrow a tablet with automatically age-adapted applications. At the same time, it frees employees from time-consuming manual management. Knowing the potential benefits that Hublet can bring to the market, Intelligent RFID Solutions has been appointed as distributor for Hublet in the health and aged care sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Hublet is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in the same package. It consists of three parts: Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager. Patients can easily borrow Hublet Tablets without assistance, using their patient wristband, health card or QR code. The Fotonit self-disinfecting coating on Hublet devices’ touch surfaces ensures the protection of users from bacteria and viruses.

Hublet Solution ensures the privacy of users while they access digital content such as online newspapers, e-magazines, movies, games, etc. The Hublet Tablet’s big screen helps end-users to deal with their daily affairs such as training exercises more easily or to maintain contact with their families in the healthcare environment.

“Hublet Solution improves the rehabilitation process by activating healthcare users through mental and physical training applications. This is the result we got from our hospitals’ customers and pilot cases in Finland when investigating the benefits of the Hublet Solution for healthcare by conducting surveys. Our main goal is to provide equal, easy access to the digital content for everyone,” claims Milla Kalliokoski, Marketing Manager of Hublet.

Our team is very glad about this new cooperation with Intelligent RFID Solutions which is a good next step for us. Following the library sector, in which we are now currently present in 16 countries, we are ready to conquer the world in the health tech sector as well. Even though the pandemic had the potential to disrupt our business badly, when thinking about the big picture, we are still making great success with the Hublet team and with our distributors,” she adds.

“We are incredibly pleased that Intelligent RFID Solutions, as a specialist in SaaS solutions, is now integrating Hublet into its future-oriented product portfolio. Thanks to its reputation as a customer-oriented solution provider, we are convinced that Intelligent RFID Solutions is the best conceivable partner for placing Hublet on the market,” states Anissa Margono, International Sales Manager of Hublet, when discussing the future collaboration in Australia, for which she is the responsible salesperson.

Veronica Steinicke, CEO of Intelligent RFID Solutions, adds: “The Finnish company Hublet has developed a solution that is fully in line with our philosophy of providing the health- and aged care sector with modern user-friendly digital technology systems which can seamlessly offer the best services to their customers. Hublet Health provides users with an all-encompassing learning and entertainment digital experience whilst visiting or staying at hospitals or aged care facilities. With Hublet as a partner, we know that we can offer a perfect solution that is modern, independent and flexible.”

With humanity at the centre of our values, Hublet wants to improve patient welfare and make everyday life easier for the staff. Hublet Solutions enable health and aged care users to access digital content in a smooth, reliable and secure way. It can act as a tool for digital interaction with patients and residents. Users can easily borrow and use Hublet Tablets, and practise training exercises through applications without assistance being required. This saves medical staff’s time for other important tasks. The Hublet Smart Docking Station will automatically delete all usage data once patients/residents return Hublet Tablets to it, thus ensuring users’ data privacy.


Hublet Oy is a 2014-established Finnish company which enables a self-service solution for shared-use tablets. Hublet Solution is in use from the US to Australia across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care centres, restaurants, museums and science centres, etc. Hublet works in 16 countries in the library sector and in 5 countries in the health tech sector. Hublet is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in the same package; an innovative solution that ensures equal and private access to the digital world for everyone. Hublet Solution offers the user-friendly cloud-based Hublet Manager management software application, effective Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station which include Fotonit self-disinfecting coating on their touch-surfaces. Hublet empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service.

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