New Hublet-3 now available

New member of Hublet family

There is a new member of the Hublet product family. In addition to the six-tablet version, there is now available a new version with three tablets. Just like Hublet-6, you can have Hublet-3 either with a stand or wall-mounted, and with or without a barcode reader.

All ears to serve customers’ needs

Hublet has been all ears to hear their customers’ wishes and has forwarded them to the production department. The three-tablet product is a convenient solution for example for the small libraries and units where the number of users is not yet very big. The design of Hublet-3 is exactly the same with Hublet-6, so you can also combine the products to fit your needs.

One-tablet version in development

The next step to meet the customers’ demands is to develop a one-tablet version of Hublet. This kind of product suits perfectly for situations and environments where you need the tablets to be available in several different locations; for example, to be placed in the rooms of a hotel, healthcare center or senior citizen center. Hublet is planning to pilot the Hublet-1 at the end of the year 2018.