It’s Big! New Hublet Manager and Tablet Interface is Here!

Learning and equality are Hublet’s core values. Following these values and developing together with customers is the best way to make Hublet grow robustly. We are glad to receive all feedback from our distributors and direct customers within the New Hublet Manager development process. The preparation has been a long-term journey, but we are now ready to share it with the world. The new user interface and new features in Hublet Manager will make the system more user-friendly and modern for distributors and end-users in different sectors.

During the pandemic, we have increased turnover by almost 40% with the help of our beloved customers and incredible Hubletians. Hublet is now working in 16 countries in the library sector from the US to Australia and 5 countries in the health tech sector, which will be the next strong sector in our portfolio. The third sector that we are working with is restaurants and museums/science centres.

Faster content conversion and wider selection

As part of the New Hublet Manager, we’re introducing integration with the Google Play Store. You can now search and add applications directly from the Google Play Store!
For example, customers may ask you to add Snapchat as a new communication channel or add Castbox as a new application for reading e-books and listening to podcasts.

Promoting a variety of content to different profiles

Customising content for different profile users is always one of the best features that Hublet Solution offers to customers. For a better management experience, we want to set a higher standard. The new features of Post Messages, Recommended, and Content Categories in the New Hublet Manager allow you to highlight the content and promote events, news, offers, etc. to your customers.

Post Messages can be added to Hublet Tablet’s desktop view with images, links and text to promote news, events, offers, etc. Users will see it at the top of the Hublet Tablet’s desktop view.

The Recommended section is where you can mark applications to be first shown on the Hublet Tablet’s desktop view. For example, for an adult user profile, they may want to access e-magazines or scientific articles applications first, so you can mark these applications to highlight them for this profile.

Content Categories is the section where you can put Applications, Weblinks and Files for different types of categories. You can name these categories as you wish. They will be shown with bigger icons, which makes it quicker to identify the applications. It also provides headlines and content explanations, which can be adjusted easily with New Hublet Manager. This makes it easier to find the right information or content, for instance, senior users looking for memory games can find them under the Game category.

“The best characteristic in this service is the fact, that our patients are happy with it”

Janne Hulkkonen, Development Director, Heart Center Co, Tampere University Hospital

Easy and convenient management

New Hublet Manager allows you to perform many management actions for the Hublet Tablet remotely, including rebooting the Hublet Tablet, quick maintenance and performing factory reset, if needed. You can define on which Wi-Fi networks that Hublet Tablet can work for theft prevention. Another feature that the New Hublet Manager can perform remotely for the Hublet Tablet is to enable or disable the camera, microphones, or speakers to avoid inappropriate usage.

We have also added different levels of account management to the New Hublet Manager. These levels grant different levels of management permission, making it simpler to manage the Hublet Solution for organisations: “This feature is linked to our equality value, it enables Hublet to take the next step in providing equal, easy access to the digital content for everyone,” notes Milla Kalliokoski, Marketing Manager, Hublet Oy.

“We believe Hublet helps to increase the use of digital content and educational services. It can act as a convenient tool to free up staff time, saving resources for organisations. Hublet conducted a survey with Finnish libraries and we got results which verify Hublet’s service promise,” claims Kalliokoski.

“With New Hublet Manager, we ensure that Hublet customers can gain more benefits by enhancing the user experience with a new user interface,” states Jukka Salonen, Business Unit Director.

To explore the new Hublet Tablet’s user interface, check out our video: 

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Our current library customers are satisfied with using Hublet in their libraries. Read the Survey from Finnish Libraries in Autumn 2020 to find out what they say about the Hublet Solution.

About Hublet Oy
Hublet Oy is an established Finnish company which develops self-service solutions for shared-use tablets. Deployed globally in 25 countries across various sectors, such as libraries, hospitals, elderly care home’s, restaurants, museums and science centre’s, Hublet Solution is a customised learning tool, communication device and entertainment centre in one package. Through its b return on investment case, Hublet Solution empowers the utilisation of digital content as an effortless, secure, cost-effective and reliable service delivering equal and data secure access to the digital world for everyone.

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