Meet Chief Software Architect Lasse Pajunen
and Software Developer Janne Jaukkuri

Lasse and Janne are both part of the development team in Hublet. Hublet is a Finnish startup that provides tablets for shared use for example in libraries. We interviewed them about their daily work and projects which they are currently working on.

Who are you and what is your background?

L: I am Lasse Pajunen and I am working as a Chief Software Architect here in Hublet. I joined the company last year. Before joining Hublet I had worked in various small and big companies within Finland. In my past, I developed software for web services and mobile phones.

J: Hi, I’m Janne and I work as a software developer, focusing on the web based manager software. Before joining Hublet, I had worked as a web developer for a company building custom websites for a variety of clients.


Why did you join the Hublet?

L: The biggest reason why I applied to Hublet was that the company develops a very interesting product and uses many intriguing technologies. We have mobile, web and cloud technologies within the product. In addition, we also have our own hardware. For a developer, this truly offers new stuff to learn and develop. I have always enjoyed this phase where the company is growing and creating something totally new.

J: I prefer small teams with interesting products, and that was what I saw here. It allows me to leverage my current knowledge and learn new interesting tools.


What are you developing at the moment?

L: At the moment, we are gaining many new customers and for developers, this means that we need to scale all our services. In addition, we need to integrate our product to customers own systems. This can sometimes be tricky, but anything is possible.

J: Currently I’m developing both the backend and the frontend of our new manager solution.


What has been the most interesting thing you have done in Hublet?

J: The most interesting things have been learning new tools and languages. I have particularly enjoyed improving my DevOps skills, as I’ve learned how to integrate tools and services such as Docker, Terraform, AWS, and GitHub Actions to make the deployment of our software easy and reliable.

L: I really enjoy when I get to develop something around the hardware. In my past, I have mainly done software, without worrying about the hardware itself.


What technologies you are using in your development?

L: The development team is currently working with Android tablets and we use JS and Java. Our Web UI is done with Ruby, but we are planning to recreate it with React. Besides those, we are using AWS and Raspberry Pi.


How does the future look like?

L: Our software development team is growing and we are planning to double the size of it by the end of this year. The whole organization is progressing as we are scaling to new markets and countries.


Can you describe your company culture?

L: We have a few more than 10 people in the company and everyone here is working together so we can develop the best possible product. Even though we are a B2B company, our end-users are basically everyone. We have a nice and peaceful atmosphere at the office. Our sales people are typically with the customers and developers work mainly in the office. However, we have a habit of getting together time to time.

J: It is a small team that means very easy access to the information and the people making decisions.