Learning while playing, Lahti City Library uses the Hublet solution to gamify the library experience for students!

Lahti City Library in Finland has been an advocate of the Hublet solution for many years, using the tablets to enhance the range and quality of digital services they offer to their patrons. Over the last few years, one of their most popular and well-known activities has been their library treasure hunt game.

The library collaborates with several local junior high schools to organise the treasure hunt as a part of a continued culture and learning program. The students need nothing more than a Hublet tablet to scan the hidden objects, which are placed at various locations around the library. As each object is discovered, the team gets to solve the riddles, which then lead them to their next clue and their next object.

Previously, the library organised the games and asked the students to use their own mobile phones, but there were constant problems with software and hardware incompatibility issues that were caused by the range of different phones and operating systems in use. The library additionally used to struggle with students not wanting to install new software on their personal phones, devices that would run out of available space and simple frustrations such as getting the various devices to connect to the library Wi-Fi network.

All of these obstacles were removed instantly with a move to the Hublet solution.

Since adopting Hublet tablets as the main device for the treasure hunt, the games now run much more smoothly and effectively, with students able to immediately enjoy the challenge as they arrive. The tablets have the app pre-loaded, are already connected to the Wi-Fi and so ready to pick up and go. Additionally, the large 10” screen makes the whole experience much more involving, with content easy to read and clues simple to interact with.

Together with a much-improved experience for the students, introducing the Hublet has hugely eased the burden on the amount of staff time required to arrange, set up, support and run the activity.

Take a look at the video below to see the recent treasure hunt in action.

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