Hublet’s potential noticed in the media

Kauppalehti featured Hublet with an article about its potential for conquering the tablet world. Here’s a brief summary of the contents. The original article in Finnish is found here

Hublet is a unique solution for sharing tablets

Hublet has developed a unique way of managing a large fleet of tablets for shared use. The idea was born in 2014 when a group of ex-Nokia engineers started wondering the current use of tablet.s Why should everyone have their own device if all the data is in the cloud? The tablet is just a way to access the data and hence quite irrelevant. The value is in the data.

The concept of the Hublet was born on this very idea. We provide cost-efficient tablet solutions to public places where the shared use of tablets has been near to impossible due to the labor-intensive management it requires. Not everyone has a tablet of their own, nor is one always needed.

Encouraging feedback from pilots

The Hublet has been piloted in two schools, two libraries and the science center Heureka during the last couple of months and the feedback has been positive. In the pilot phase we have used our own Android tablet device but in the future using tablets made by known brands might be a viable option.

Our service consists of tablets, a smart docking station and a cloud-based management tool that allows for centralized management of all the tablets and their contents. Everything has been designed for shared use: the tablets are physically locked and only released with a valid pin code, different content profiles can be created so the device can be used for different purposes on different occasions, the tablets only work in predetermined wifi networks and all the end user data is erased when tablet is returned.

Investors, such as Kyösti Kakkonen believe in Hublet

Hublet has been financed by the current shareholders by 700 000 euros. Additional funding has been received from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY), Finnvera and Tekes.  The known businessman and founder of Tokmanni corporation Kyösti Kakkonen has also invested in Hublet.

We are currently starting a crowd-funding campaign in collaboration with Invesdor.