Hublets for hotel guests

In the hotels of Norther Karelia Cooperative Society, PKO, Hublets have been in use since 2016. The Hublets have been acquired for the use of hotel guests.

PKO’s ICT expert Juha Turpeinen says that the ease-of-control of devices has been a positive suprise and hotel customers have found them very easy to use. “The device management does not require specific IT skills. It is also important for users that all the data in device is removed when it returns to the dock,” says Turpeinen. “Most commonly our customers use Hublets for surfing in the net and somewhat for example to use entertainment and related services. The hotel client borrows the Hublet tablet by asking a user code at the reception desk. ‘Turpeinen adds.

Device management remotely is easy

Juha Turpeinen says that managing a large number of tablets will be handled easily by Hublet Manager. A cloud-based management system makes managing tablet materials easy. Turpeinen values it as one of the best features of Hublet right after its data security. When being able to manage devices and applications remotely, it does not require IT support on-site. Changes can be made from your office or anywhere, as long as the internet connection is available. Turpeinen, who is responsible for the company’s security affairs, is also responsible for the security of whole PKO group’s security. Therefore security issues are of particular importance to him and Hublet’s complete data cleansing at the dock gets a praise by him as a brilliant feature.

Who would you recommend Hublet?

Turpeinen recommends Hublets to hotels, restaurants and other public spaces where there are multiple customers as users. “It’s a great idea to use devices in marketing, for example, by placing an offer or other topical theme as a screen background image”.