Hublets bring joy to learning in Norlandia Preschool Aurinkolahti

The use of the Hubletin startet at Norlandia Preschool Aurinkolahti in November 2017.

For what purposes have you used Hublet?

”Hublets are used daily among our preschoolers. We teach preschoolers using applications such as Ekapeli learning game and Moomin Language School. These two applications are very popular ones. We are also continually developing and seeking new ways how to use Hublets.”

What’s the best in Hublet?

“The best thing is that it allows us to create different profiles for children and adults. For example, children’s tablets do not have any web browser at all, which is a safe and secure solution. ”

What do users like about Hublet?

“Of course, kids have liked the tablets a lot, and parents have been really interested in having this kind of a solution in the preschool. Our new teacher sees a lot of opportunities how to use Hublet. The municipal’s manager of early childhood education was also very interested in it, too. ”

To whom would you recommend Hublet?

“For all operators working with early childhood education. In the future, the need for digital education in kindergartens will increase and new kinds of tools for education and learning will be needed. Hublet is an excellent device for this purpose.”